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Discharge for overweight

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  • Discharge for overweight

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently on Active Duty and my discharge paperwork has been started because I am overweight. I gained alot of weight when I returned home from a recent deployment(wife's good cooking). I have been steadily losing weight since I was placed on the overweight program and now I am only 1 percent over. Although I have shown improvement, my unit is still trying to push me out the door and I am told I have two weeks to lose the rest of the weight or I'll be unemployed. I am not complaining because I understand there is only one standard and that is the Army standard. However, faced with the uncertainty of the discharge I would like to know if the national guard would be an option if I did not make weight in time. Will a recruiter be able to help if I show up at the office well within my wieght limit and a good APFT score? I have been told the discharge would be "under honorable conditions" and I have never had any disciplinary actions. I have three years of service, will be moving to Pennsylvania and I am a 31B if any of that matters.

    Hopefully I will meet the standard but I thank anyone who will provide me with information.

    Let the fat jokes begin...

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    Re: Discharge for overweight

    Knowledge is power...

    If you have been entered into, and counselled about, the Army Weight Control Program, and are making clear progress under the program guidelines you should have no fear of a discharge. Definately pay attention to the regulation and pages 10, 11, and 12. Ultimately failure to adhere to the standards with hieght/weight or Army Physical Fitness testing can result in a discharge from any of the componenets that make up the Army (Active, Guard or Reserve).

    If you meet the Height/Weight standards of the U.S. Army, then there is no reason you would be turned away by an ARNG recruiter. If you have not been contacted by an ARNG recruiter from this forum, in this forum, and you think your AD days may be numbered, then talk to the ARNG In-Service Recruiter on your post in regards to this question (as you are active duty now) - but beware a bar to reup and other assorted pitfalls.

    My advice, do your best to get to standard as quick as you can without causing negative affects on your health - the AWP can support you in Active Duty retention if you are making progress and if this is easily proven as an isolated incident.

    By the way - while I was in Iraq my wife over-treated one of my cats... yes, the cat is orca fat... and when she sits around the house... :^)
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