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  • Path back?

    I've searched the threads, but was unable to find a similar situation to my own. I was commissioned in the Army Reserves in the early 90s after 4 years as a ROTC scholarship recipient, honorably discharged in 2001 from the USAR Control Group as an 0-2.

    In between, I served brief stints in USAR units + two different state ARNG units. Several units were pulled out from under me due to de-activation, the demands of my civilian job, family, grad school kept me busy and had me moving a lot; but overall I failed to prioritize and manage the military reserve side of my career. (I know that many people in my situation did manage to do this well.) As a result, my time in units suffered, and very few OERs made it into my personnel file, my grad school credentials never made it in, etc. There were extended periods in the IRR when I didn't even keep my address current.

    The last unit I served in was in the ARNG, the NGB Form 22 gives the authority and reason as NGR 635-100 Resignation. (I moved across the country, again). After leaving the ARNG, I was re-assigned to the USAR Control Group, eventually receiving discharge orders (sent to an old address). The discharge orders stated that the discharge was honorable, authority AR135-175. A DD Form 214 was not issued since my last stint was in the IRR. I contacted the National Personnel Records Center and confirmed this.

    I believe that I was boarded twice in quick succession while in the IRR, and failed promotion to 0-3. Because I didn't keep the USAR Control Group updated with my address, didn't spend time to make sure OERs were always done, or submitted - I know that I have no one to blame but myself. However, I'm wondering if there is a path back? I don't have any negatives (other than stated), I have excelled in my technical civilian career, and I would like an opportunity to properly serve and re-pay the significant resources that the Army invested in me.

    Thanks in advance for any information.

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    Re: Path back?

    If you are otherwise qualified, you may enlist at grade E5. You may need to complete AIT, but not Basic Training.

    Since you were twice nonselected for promotion by a reserve component promotion board, your officer career is over (NGR 600-100 chapter 2).

    If you are otherwise qualified, you may pursue appointment as a warrant officer, with a waiver.