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  • Oregon National Guard

    (Not sure if this is the right forum)

    Okay I'll try to explain this the best I can.

    Right now I am a (21W) SPC, deployed in Afghanistan. I ETS next April (2011) with about 66.5 days terminal leave, granted I don't get charged for R&R like they say they wont. I have been trying to contact recruiters since I have been down range but no luck. I have no interest in staying in this MOS and I was wondering what the NG is like. I have just a couple questions specifically for the Oregon National Guard.

    How does this slot thing work? Do I board into the position? What are some MOS's that have E-5 Slots? How is the Eugene N.G. infantry unit? How does dwell time work with N.G. units? Is it going to be a problem if I'm going to the U of O while I'm in the national guard? Do you think that the GI Bill and NG money will be enough to suffice in Eugene? And just how is NG in Oregon? Please don't be biased.

    Sorry I have so many questions, but the fob I'm at has bad Internet. So I'm just trying to get the most questions out at one time at the MWR I'm at.

    Thank you so much ahead of time.

    SPC O'Ryan

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      Re: Oregon National Guard

      SPC, if you can get on facebook, friend request me... I have several Oregon recruiters on my friends list that can help you out. If you cant get on face book let me know and I'll PM you some e-mail addresses.

      Look up "Joshua Billups" or my e-mail address is the same as my username on this for


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        Re: Oregon National Guard

        Depending on how far you will drive, Engineer Multi-Role Bridge Company in Eureka and Mt. Shasta --