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  • My IRR Status (?)


    I hope all is well. I had posted a few days ago in this forum concerning separation codes. Another source supplied the needed direction. Moving on, I have a new concern. I have a question as to my current status in regards to the IRR. I was originally enlisted Active Duty from 2002-2005, and was discharged honorably with an RE Code of 1. Since that time, I enlisted in the Florida National Guard, made some regrettable mistakes, and unfortunately warranted for myself a General (Under Honorable Conditions) discharge with an RE-Code of 3. While going through the documentation from my discharge from the National Guard, I found some discrepancy as to my status in the IRR. I hope that someone here can provide clarity.

    What follows is in regards to my IRR status, but is from a entry that I posted on a message board elsewhere. I wanted to save from having to rewrite, so I am just pasting here.

    I thank you for your time and assistance. It is appreciated.

    For further clarity, the following are details taken straight from my National Guard discharge documentation. I am pulling this information from four separate documents:

    A document indicating release and transfer, signed by a Full Bird on 03AUG09 (from here on, referred to as “document 1”)

    NGB 22, effective 04AUG09 (document 2)

    A document indicating discharge and assignment, signed by a Full Bird on 04AUG09 (document 3)

    A document indicating reassignment, signed by a Full Bird on 21AUG09 (document 4)

    I am recording the details of each document in chronological order from the first published to the most recent. All details are verbatim, and I included what seemed pertinent.

    Document 1 states that I was released from: Inactive National Guard, effective date 03AUG09. Assign/loss reason was Return from Inactive Status. Pos Number Excess Code: Assigned to Inactive National Guard.

    Document 2 states character of service: General – Under Honorable Conditions, with an RE – Code of 3. Command to which transferred: USAR Control Group (Annual Training). Terminal date of reserve military service obligation: 15AUG2011.

    Document 3 states “You are discharged from the Army National Guard and assigned to component indicated...” Reserve assignment: USAR Control Group (Annual Training). RE Code: 3. Text: Discharged due to unsatisfactory participation AWOL. Current Organization Identification Code: USAR Control Group (Annual Training).

    Document 4 states “You are assigned in the reserve as indicated below.” Released from: USAR Control Group (AT), Assigned to: USAR Control Group (REINF). “You no longer have a mandatory training requirement.”

    I hope these details provide some clarity to my situation. It seems like document 4 contains the pertinent information. What is the difference between the Annual Training version of the USAR Control Group, and the Reinforcing? And, if assigned to Reinforcing, is one still considered in the IRR?

    Again, I thank you all you help and time.



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    Re: My IRR Status (?)

    The Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) (USAR only) consists of the following:

    (a) Control Group — Annual Training. Ready Reserve soldiers with a training obligation who do not belong to a USAR unit. They must perform AT when so directed.

    (b) Control Group—Reinforcement. All other non-unit Ready Reserve soldiers not assigned to another control group.

    (c) Control Group—Officer Active Duty Obligor. Active duty officers who are appointed in the USAR but do not enter onto active duty at the time of their appointment. These officers maintain their obligated status and may be ordered to active duty or duty with a ARNG or USAR unit.

    (d) Control Group — Dual Component. Regular Army of the United States enlisted soldiers or warrant officers who hold Army Reserve commissions or warrants.