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At what point should I drop my OCS packet?

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  • At what point should I drop my OCS packet?

    Hi all,

    As mentioned in another thread, I've been medically cleared by MEPS and am now getting ready to go contract in the next week or so. I am very interested in going OCS, however was wondering at what point I should drop my packet?

    At the time of writing, I am not a US Citizen (I am a permanent resident/green card holder). I have however applied for US Citizenship, and my projected naturalization date is mid to late September, October at the latest.

    I'm planning on contracting for 11B, ship date will probably be November-January.

    Right now, my plan is to get through 11B OSUT, and then when I get back, drop my OCS packet and go from there.

    I was wondering however, once I contract, swear in, and start RSP, if I could drop an OCS packet when I get my US Citizenship later this year, before I ship? I'm totally fine with getting Basic/AIT out the way first, but just wanted to check all my options.

    In terms of my qualifications, I have a BS in Engineering (GPA 3.19), ASVAB score of 98, for the 1-1-1 I can do 58 pushups, 39 situps, and 1 mile in 7:45. I'm just recovering from a back sprain so my workouts have been lighter but should be upping the intensity next week.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or info!

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    Re: At what point should I drop my OCS packet?

    in my state they have a mandatory prep course for OCS for those that just graduated AIT. your state may have the same.


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      Re: At what point should I drop my OCS packet?

      You're biggest concern at this point is whether or not you qualify for the required Secret Clearnence to train as OCS and the TS Clearence needed as an officer.

      Last time I checked (could be wrong but we lost a guy in TX for this) you have to be a citizen to obtain either.


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        Re: At what point should I drop my OCS packet?

        Chaplain - that's something I will have to look into, but I would imagine Colorado has the same program you refer to.

        jmclaughlin1701 - I will qualify for a clearance once I get the Citizenship, around September (I have a clean background on all other issues - no criminal history, good credit etc etc). I had read on some websites (including the Arizona NG one), that you just need to have applied for Citizenship to drop your OCS packet - although since I'm so close I'm going to wait to have it in hand before I do that. I guess my main question is whether I do that before leaving for OSUT or after I get back?


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          Re: At what point should I drop my OCS packet?

          If you plan on applying to OCS, I would highly reccomend skipping the MOS/AIT bit and enlist as an 09S. Fasted way, guaranteed slot, etc.

          However, if you are dead set on going to AIT and getting the 11B MOS, I would wait til you get back from OSUT and go through your unit. Since you would not be a contracted 09S, you are going to get boarded by your CoC (more than likely) for admission to OCS. The packet you are talking about dropping is hefty in terms of requirements (letters of rec from O5, clearence, etc). And since you are MOSQ'd, they are going to want to see performance and leadership potential before an O5 signs off on you....

          In your case, I would make absolutely everything is in place before you start the process. Get your AIT, get your citizenship and get all the required docs you need in the packet before you start it. Trust me, if anything is wrong or is going to take legwork, best to address is now rather than while standing in front of your BN Co.
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