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OCS Phase 1 starts Friday aaaaannnnd...

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  • OCS Phase 1 starts Friday aaaaannnnd...

    Well I got back from BCT on 12 June. I talked to my recruiter the next day and he told me I had to report to phase at the end of that month. ok. SO I get there and all of a sudden there is a ton of stuff I don't have. I need a chapter II physical (even though my recruiter said don't worry about it because I went though MEPS 3 months earlier). I also need to get my security clearance initiated. I don't have my essay done. And I still don't have a letter of recommendation or my TA-50 issued to me.

    I now have 3 days to get squared away. I still don't know who to call for my ch II physical and no one seems to know either. I was told someone would call be back last Friday about my security clearance and no one did. The soonest I could get my TA-50 is this Thursday with no guarantee that I will get everything I need.

    When I was at my phase 0 drill 2 weeks ago the SSG told me not to worry about the letter of recommendation and they will handle it (should I trust that?)

    The hardest thing for me right now is my essay. I need to write the 4-5 page essay on why I want to be an army officer. I really don't know why. I want to serve my country, I know that. I want to help other people. But why I want to do it as an officer, i don't know. Most of it was because people who know more than me told me to got to OCS if the opportunity is there and not go enlisted.

    If anyone can offer me some advice or give me some guidance on what to do it would be appreciated. Time is something I don't have much of anymore.

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    Re: OCS Phase 1 starts Friday aaaaannnnd...

    I would not trust anyone to do things for you. I learned early on in the OCS application process that you need to take matters into your own hands on pretty much everything. I got help from my recruiter in a few things, like getting records printed out, etc, but for most of it, I had to really bug my unit.

    For the Chapter 2 physical, the MEPS physical is an enlistment physical, and is so marked on the form. You need a commissioning physical for OCS. I had to bug the readiness NCO at my unit for a while to get mine scheduled.

    For TA-50, it took like 2 months to get all that stuff taken care of, but I finally did.

    For the letter of reccomendation, I would follow up with the SSG every day until you report for Phase 1. Otherwise, it might not get done.

    For the security clearance, I did all that at MEPS prior to enlisting. I did the interview with the security officer and they opened the investigation then. I was able to get a printout showing that, and OCS accepted that.


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      Re: OCS Phase 1 starts Friday aaaaannnnd...

      Who are you reporting to? your recruiter or RSP cadre? What program are you planning on attending, accelerated, traditional or federal?
      Whomever it is, you must have your physical completed before you can attend.
      If you are attending the accelerated course you really need to have the SF-86 completed before hand. Mine was "lost" while I was at OCS and had to wait an additional month after graduation to commission.
      Don't stress about the essay, explain who you are and why you want to serve. The key is to ensure it is written properly.


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        Re: OCS Phase 1 starts Friday aaaaannnnd...

        If you have 3 days to get squared away, I think you are in trouble. The Chapter II has to be done by a medical unit since MEPS won't do it (at least here in TX).

        The Security Clearence should have been initiated when you enlisted.

        TA-50 takes 2 months to get ordered and delivered unless your state is on the ball.

        The letter of reccomendation, well, that one is tricky. The OCS cadre might take care of it, but I would go on "no".

        The essay is probably the easiest thing you need right now. I you have a hard start date and it's 3 days away, I don't think you are going to make it.