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Second OCS Phase Zero drill

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  • Second OCS Phase Zero drill

    In my last thread I made a post about my phase zero drill and it eventually got to me actually being hospitalized for Rhabdo for about 5 days straight. Since then I've made a few lifestyle changes, including actually hydrating between drills, etc.

    My boss is a former marine who told me that the body takes 4 days to completely hydrate, so I needed to keep hydrated all the time, which I've done.

    This drill was rough. Way harder than the last one, and also a lot harder. I had informed my chain of command about the hospital issue and produced paperwork clearing me for duty, but forbidding me from taking meds and ordering me to drink tons more fluid.

    I also bought myself a camel back since our supply has yet to get me TA-50, or anything else I have to have other than 4 sets of ACUs.

    I kept the camel back full, and also put another bottle of water in it as back up.

    I'm happy to say that I kept up this drill and probably drank a total of about 4 gallons of water, and was also regularly urinating, which doesnt seem like a big deal for most, but for me it was huge, since it was a sign that the rhabdo wasnt coming back and that my kidneys were actually working.

    Saturday was all land-nav, all day, out in the swamps, thorns and mosquitos. My first time ever actually doing real land nav. In the USAF we never even saw a military map, let alone tried land nav'ing since I was an aircraft mechanic.

    I'm happy to report that I was one of maybe two groups that hit all points in the time limit. I was with an experienced land nav person but he let me plot the points (we were both very similar in what we plotted) and let me do the actual work of getting there. We walked our seperate routes which were never more than a few degrees off anyways, and I found the points.

    Sunday was just a ton of PT and sitting around waiting with a class or two on Op Orders, etc.

    The PT was by far harder than last time. No doubt about that.

    We also had someone almost get honor boarded and the boot from OCS for lying about his phone. It was in his soap case. The TACS asked what it was and he said "SOAP", they opened it up and it was his phone, with messages sent during drill.

    They only cut him some slack (so far anyways), because it's phase zero. There's still a chance he could be boarded. They then went through all of our stuff and found like 10 people (including me) with contraband.

    I forgot I had a pack of gum in my ACU backpack when I showed up to drill, but I admitted to the TACs that I thought it was still in my backpack and got it out for them. Others had advil, tylenol, icy hot, listerene, etc.

    Those of us who admitted it got a 1000 word essay on honor and that was that.

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    Re: Second OCS Phase Zero drill

    Can't believe the guy couldn't lose the phone a few days for his career. No sympathy.


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      Re: Second OCS Phase Zero drill

      Good posts. Keep these coming.

      A couple questions...

      - When do you report and when are you released? Have they given any indication if that will be similar to Phase 2?
      - You really can't have Advil? What other things were classified as "contraband" that surprised you?

      Thanks. Okay, get back to drinking water.


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        Re: Second OCS Phase Zero drill

        We report at 1900 on Friday and are released usually by 1700 on sunday. Normally we report in PT gear and go straight to PT and then class until midnight.

        Wake up call is between 0430 and 0500.

        Contraband is anything not directly military issued basically. No tylenol or drugs of any type, no tabacco, no phones, no cameras, no civilian clothes, etc.

        If you dont need it for drill, leave it in your car.

        Our friday night PT is the class 54 work out which is:

        54 burpees,
        54 push ups
        54 sit ups
        54 squats

        it's a timed event and your progress is tracked. You have 17 minutes to complete it, and the goal is to allegedly hit 6 minutes.

        first drill I did it in about 17 minutes, this drill I hit 15 minutes.

        Your room is treated basically like basic training barracks. Bed must be made the same, etc. You use army issued linen too.

        the difference is that you write your own SOP on how it will be done.