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  • Former Officer Looking For Position

    I resigned my reserve commission (04, MP) some years ago. I applied for re-appointment through a special board held by HRC in St. Louis. I was accepted by the board last September and was asked to provide an entry physical and security clearance. I finally was allowed to process through MEPS in Dallas for the physical and my security clearance was granted.

    All things seemed to be a "go" by December 2009 but I was then told I had to obtain a waiver for twice passed over for LTC. That request is pending now with Army G1 but they are now asking for a Commander's letter from the gaining command. The original re-appointment application was not "position specific" and as a civilian, I really do not have access to a chain of command where I could request such a letter.

    I was also told that I could apply for a DOR adjustment for inactive years so the "twice passed over" condition would be resolved. The problem is that you cannot apply for the DOR adjustment unless your commission is in tact.

    So close and yet so far away!

    Questions: Does the Texas Army National Guard have mid-level officer vacancies and how would I find out about them or apply for them? Would applying for a position require the re-appointment with the Army Reserve to be complete first?

    Thanks to all of you serving.

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    Re: Former Officer Looking For Position

    I can't answer all of that, but I can help you out.

    PM me your contact information.

    Primarily, we need to put you in touch with the OSM. He is the subject matter expert that can comment on your specific admin questions, and can talk to you about what vacancies he can work with you on in your area. They have a good staff over there, he should be able to help you out.

    If you just want to get an idea... I can pull up the vacancy list from work. It's not perfect, but it's in the ballpark. I know there's several pages of vacancies at each grade.