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  • Logistics/Quartermaster

    So I plan on entering the State OCS program here in Texas after I complete my Sophomore year of college. I'm interested in the Logistics field mainly something along the lines of Quartermaster.

    I just wanted to know what a Quartermaster Officer usually does during a regular day and also what the different specializations are for the position.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Logistics/Quartermaster

    They are masters at playing quarters........

    Really though...start here:


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      Re: Logistics/Quartermaster


      I really hate when people ask these kinds of questions, cause what you do is extremely different from one position to another, and varies a lot over the course of the year depending on what's going on. Short answer is they supervise supply operations.

      Why do you want to be a QM officer? I've seen plenty people end up in QM, haven't seen a lot start out wanting to go there, not unless they have a serious background in supply stuff & don't want to change.


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        Re: Logistics/Quartermaster

        haha sorry if it came across as a dumb question.

        While I don't have too much experience in the field I recently became a buyer for a company here in my area. I just thought being a QM might give me some more experience to help me move up in the company. Its not the only branch I'm looking at but I wanted to look into it some more.

        The link provided had some useful info, I'm interested in the aerial delivery aspect.


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          Re: Logistics/Quartermaster

          have you considered ROTC? If you went ROTC/SMP maybe you could do your drills helping a QM officer, and really find out what he/she does on a real weekend, and get paid E-5 to do it?

          Also, I'm sure you are aware of all of the money/benefits advantages of ROTC over OCS.


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            Re: Logistics/Quartermaster

            Ill be meeting with my recruiter after finals are done but SMP is something I have been considering also.