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Should I transfer?

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  • Should I transfer?

    I am currently in the ROTC program and I shadow a Major at my unit. Hes a great guy, however when I get there he just says, "Hey if you can find something to keep yourself busy for the day, have at it." Ive talked to the other cadets in my ROTC program and they say that they dont do much at their unit and only one guy said he does do stuff. The major just kinda likes to be on his own island. Should I try to get in a unit closer to my house cause Im driving like 2 hours away, to do nothing. I feel Im not learning anything. What would you do. Lately Ive been doing homework on my drills.

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    Re: Should I transfer?

    Turn the situation around. What can you do? Develop your own agenda, and pursue it. Some examples of what I did with my cadets:
    - commander's driver (keeps you in the commander's back pocket)
    - driver's training
    - work to rehabilitate the APFT and weight control failures
    - inventories
    - mandatory briefings
    - consultant for educational benefits
    - Family Readiness Group advocate
    - contact roster updates
    - unit webmaster
    - G-RAP instructor

    If you have a talent, develop a plan of your own to benefit the unit.

    Get used to the ambiguity. Officers shouldn't need to be told what to do all the time, you should have some initiative appropriate for your experience level and pay grade.


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      Re: Should I transfer?

      That sounds good. I am really interested in PT, and I think I could pick up on some of the other stuff you mentioned. Next month Ill make that step. I will see if I can get involved with it. Thanks for your advice, it makes sense. Heck one guy thats a cadet, said they had him doing KP duties. At least I'm not in his shoes. Thanks