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Initial Military Service Obligation Question

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  • Initial Military Service Obligation Question

    For a newly commissioned officer who completed ROTC without a scholarship and without prior service, the initial commitment is 3 years active or 6 with a drilling unit followed by time in the IRR to complete the 8 year MSO. What types of service come under the category of “active duty”? As I understand it, Active Duty for Training (ADT), ADOS/ADSW, and deploying all count. Do AGR and technician positions in the Guard also count? And active time and M-day Guard time cannot be mixed, correct? For example, having 1.5 years active and 3 years M-day Guard time will not lead to early eligibility for placement in the IRR (assuming, of course, that 1 year active would equal 2 years as an M-day Guardsman for contract purposes), will it?
    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Re: Initial Military Service Obligation Question

    Have you read my brilliant and informative post?

    For the purposes of your statutory MSO (not to be confused with a contractual MSO you may incur in addition or in parallel with that, having taken a specific incentive or benefit), "active service" basically means service in a unit that earns a paycheck (i.e., not IRR or ING).

    Thus, if you commission into the ARNG, and serve six years of nothing but required initial ADT, weekend drills and Annual Training, then you shall have completed your "active service" obligation.


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      Re: Initial Military Service Obligation Question

      I did read your previous post with the attached AR 135-91, and it was very helpful and informative. However, after reviewing the post and the accompanying regulation, I still had a question. I guess what I'm asking is if a National Guard officer who falls under your Common Case #1 accrues a total of 3 years under Active Duty for Training (ADT), ADOS orders, and a deployment, will he/she be able to enter the Inactive Ready Reserve for the remainder of the 8 year statutory obligation because he/she fulfilled his/her contractual obligation by way of 3-10c in AR 135-91 instead of serving a full 6years in a drilling unit?

      Thank you for your help so far.


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        Re: Initial Military Service Obligation Question

        Nope. You'll serve in the ARNG for six years, in any combination of IDT, ADT, ADOS, TTAD, mob, AGR-T32, AGR-T10, or DS-Tech.