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  • AOCS Graduation

    My husband heard that there's not a graduation ceremony at the end of AOCS, but rather CA holds a joint ceremony at C-SLO in the summer for the state traditional & accelerated programs. But then his recruiter told him that there is a ceremony in AL at the end of the course. Anyone know the real story?

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    Re: AOCS Graduation

    Both could be true. My state, MS, held their own graduation the weekend after I returned from AL. I believe a couple of states did do their graduation at AL, but it is entirely up to your state.


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      Re: AOCS Graduation

      The graduation ceremony in Alabama isn't quite formal. Same graduation routine except no Class A uniforms, and no awards presented. It's basically the class, the cadre, and some distinguished members of the ALARNG. The only candidates that get pinned are the few whose representatives from their state comes to see them. There was not one family member.


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        Ask the School

        These guys should be able to answer:

        August is when California has their big graduation / commissioning ceremony. Not sure if AOCS attends, but contact the school and ask.
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          Re: AOCS Graduation

          When I finished summer AOCS at SD, we did a graduation formation. That was graduation from the course, not commissioning. Pretty much same as any other military course. That's not a big deal.

          We then came back to the state and had to wait over a month to do a joint graduation/commissioning day of events with the AL AOCS class and traditional class. That was fun.

          Back when I was in the prep program, when the AL AOCS winter class came back, they did a ceremony at the OCS armory. That was a pretty simple affair on the drill hall floor & cocktail reception upstairs with senior leaders & such.

          It all depends what your state wants to do. The RTI should be able to clarify what their plans are. Your husband should be able to ask & get an answer for you.


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            Re: AOCS Graduation

            I can't tell you about this year (2010), but last August 2009 during my Phase 2 of Traditional OCS, we were able to attend the California OCS graduation at Camp San Luis.
            There were a few AOCS graduates there as well the mostly Traditional OCs.

            It was a very nice ceremony... lots of Brass, Marching Band, etc. Pretty Cool.

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