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  • BOLC I,II, and III

    I realize that depending on branch the time frames of BOLC 2 and 3 are different, but could someone explain what each step is.
    I also heard they are phasing this out and going to a new program.

    I am interested in traditional NG officer Candidate school in MI. and am trying to understand the the training path for career and family planning.


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    Re: BOLC I,II, and III

    BOLC II is gone. You will now go to OCS (BOLC A) and then branch training (BOLC B). You have 18 months with one six month extension possible to start BOLC B after you commission.


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      Re: BOLC I,II, and III

      Thanks for quick response.

      Let me ask this then, BOLC A, is the one weekend a month, two-two week periods. Then BOLC B, is how long (varies I'm sure) approx.??


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        Re: BOLC I,II, and III

        "The time frame for BOLC-B ranges from 11-41 weeks, depending on the branch (career field) you choose."

        I was originally told to expect BOLC-B to be around 17 weeks as an average for the available Officer branch's in Michigan.

        I'm also looking at Michigan OCS, who did you talk to (recruiter name)? I'm not getting a good response back but someone on this site PM'd me with some contact information.

        Also, keep in mind the two 2 weeks are held at Camp Ripley, MN which is actually a pretty nice place, provided you aren't there for cold weather school (which is the last time I was at Ripley).


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          Re: BOLC I,II, and III

          I thought we had some MI folks with us at Ft McClellan, AL. Maybe they were all AOCS.