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soldier trying to transfer for school

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  • soldier trying to transfer for school

    im a e-2 private in the Guam Army National Guard trying to go to school in CA. i have been accepted into a couple of schools. i am a heavy equipment operator(21e). i have already spoken to my higher ups and they have begun the packet for my transfer. my squad leader says the time it takes all depends on the unit receiving the soldier. so i was wondering if anyone knew someone i could talk to in the CA National Guard. i am willing to switch jobs. i just wanna leave so i can start school and start setting roots in CA.

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    Re: soldier trying to transfer for school

    I dont know about interstate transfers, but in state ones can take a month or two even. It should take aprox same amount of time. Its mainly because alot of it gets worked during drills, and not during the month, since some individuals arent available as often during the month. It essentially can be done within days, but rarely would it happen that way! It is the appoval process itself that takes time, it gets sent to a few desks for review. What each one of those offices have to do with them isnt much, its just time consumming passing it along and waiting on others.

    I've been in the middle of an in state one for two months now and its still not complete. I know where it sits and what the "problem" is though. Its just the main person in control of the paperwork, the unit i'm transferring out of, isnt moving it along as fast as possible from desk to desk. I know this for a fact. Gaining unit has done everything possible on their end. But what can be done in the mean time and what i've done for the past two months is.... you can STA at gaining unit. Your unit is still paying for you and you are on their books, but since its being 'worked' that you are transferring to other unit, you do your 'make up drill' with them but old one pays for you. It is up to your Chain of Command to authorize that, but there shouldnt be an issue with it. It happens often. There is a form you along with the two units need to fill out, no biggy.

    Edit: Up to your COC AND gaining Unit to authorize the STA drill with gaining unit before transfer is complete. Also, being a 42A, I have to ask you, did you receive an enlistment bonus and have you made sure it is still okay after transfer? Being an E2 i'm guessing you havent been out of AIT too terribly long. If you havent, make sure to speak with your COC and check into that one. Also of course since you mentioned college, make sure that is all squared away as different states use different monies.
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      Re: soldier trying to transfer for school

      thanks for the info. i did not receive any enlistment bonus. the inner state coordinator here in my state sent the official request i guess to the california ISC a couple of days ago. still no word back.