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question about everybodys unit

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  • question about everybodys unit

    Hey, how’s everybody doing? I have a question about everybody's National Guard Unit. I signed up 2 years ago as a split option in high school. I was the most motivated new recruit you could find I was Proud of the National Guard and looked forward to the RSP drills each weekend. In fact I viewed them as a getaway from home and school and felt refreshed after each weekend. However, after I got back from AIT and got into my actual unit my motivation started to fall quickly.

    First I enlisted as a 94F, but I ended up being attached to a transportation unit and am currently hanging out in the shop with the Light Wheeled Vehicle Mechanics. Besides doing PMCS's and the occasional vehicle or trailer coming in we do almost nothing or take all day to get something done that should only take a few hours, and being a Electronics repair guy I haven't even touch a pair of NVGs since back in January in AIT.

    Second I noticed very quickly that people are just not motivated. Many people just complain and do the bare minimum. As you can imagine it doesn't help much with those of us who are motivated. To add to that communication in my unit is terrible so much so that at points nobody seems to know what’s going on until we are supposed to be there.

    Basically I was wondering if this is common with most Guard Units. I want to transfer out of my unit to one where I can do my MOS, but I am not sure where to go. I haven’t gotten my orders yet, but I am supposed to be deployed mid 2011. If I am going to transfer I want to do it before my orders come in. I am not trying to skip out of deployment; I just don't want to be deployed with a dysfunctional unit for a year.

    So my questions are:

    Is it just me or does everybody deal with this?

    How do I find a unit in PA that deals with my MOS?

    If anybody has any advice or input I would greatly appreciate it. I love the Guard, but my motivation is slowly dying. I just want a place that I can do my job and be able to enjoy it instead of dreading going to drill each month.
    Thanks in advance for your responses.

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    Re: question about everybodys unit

    Print out your post. Show it to the next higher Soldier in your chain of command. You'll see that your COC is there to support you (the Soldier). Perhaps it's not as dysfunctional as it seems.
    Report the results back to us.


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      Re: question about everybodys unit

      We have one 94F in our unit here on deployment. He was an RTO at our TOC, then a camera operator. Now he is doing commo stuff in another country in the AOR. He's not performing his MOS on this deployment. The only reason that he gets to use his MOS at all is because he is a technician. As a purely M-Day soldier, you will not use your MOS as a 94F. Perhaps you should find a technician position within your state. As units return from deployment, they go into reset and their equipment gets serviced, including night vision. If there is a position open, you'll be busy. It's full time work, but doesn't count towards an active duty military retirement.
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        Re: question about everybodys unit

        I too will be a 94F. I leave for AIT in Jan. My phase 3-4 are actually in Penn, weird huh. In my unit, I haven't even seen any gear I could work on yet. But, in my unit, I know the reality is that it is an Airborne infantry unit. Shooting, jumping ,etc are more important to total unit sustainment. I'm sure I will work on gear AS is gets broken though. I enjoy the **** out of my unit. The infantry stuff is like a treat to me.
        When you deploy, you will have the "basic" knowledge of electronics. principals are the same for all electronics. If you are good, you will be the go-to guy for small electronics which may lead to other things.
        With our field, becareful for what you wish for. I was an electronics tech in the Navy for 8 yrs. Loved working comms/radar. During a yard period I got sent to calibration school. With that "MOS", I got tasked with some BORING jobs. Hated it, to the point where I didn't want to work in electronics period. If you press too hard to work "IN" your field, they may transfer you to a depot-level maintenance center where you do the same thing a thousand times day after day. If that's what you want, fine.....not for me.
        On my last deployment I started working on the flightline guys portable comms "after-hours" to occupy time. I became so good at it, they all came to me with that stuff. End of the deployment, their CO caught wind of it. Next thing you know, I'm standing in their unit's award ceremony getting an award.

        I personally want to be a well rounded soldier. I don't want to be the "electronics geek" that everyone thinks shouldn't carry a weapon. I even have my own AR-15 at home so I can practice stuff I pick up at drills and keep up on my skills before range day.
        Maybe you just need to be in a high-speed unit....??? Before switching unit's, make sure that is what you want to do, not what you "think" you want to do.
        Everything is what you make of it.

        Good luck on your choices.


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          Re: question about everybodys unit

          It is an age old point, hearing about units or jobs that are not meeting a soldiers standards... The best thing you can do is:

          1. Remember what the basic Army (ARNG) standards are and commit yourself to not waivering from them - whether it is standing at parade rest for an NCO, or simply being in the right place at the right time in the right uniform ready to train.

          2. As you progress in the ranks, take a mindset of setting the standard (see previous), enforcing the standard, and maintaing that standard. In those terms you are working to break a chain of complacency that you do not like now, so that future soldiers do not have to "deal" with the same thoughts you are at this time. Keep your standards and military bearing HIGH.

          3. If you are not locked into your unit, or MOS due to a bonus (for example) then by all means look around and see if it is possible to transfer units, and if all else fails re-class into another MOS. As mentioned in the previous post, make sure this is something you definately want to do - in some units (should be most, or all units) every soldier in every MOS must meet the same standard - In my LRS unit all supply and admin MOS soldiers have to meet (or exceed) the same standards that the Teams do - no exceptions - and there are a few who continually exceed those standards and are always looked at to reclass to join a Team. One soldier, who enlisted as a cook, is now a LRS Team Leader (11B - Infantry) Airborne, Ranger and Pathfinder qualifications - and he has always said it was not an easy road, in any sense, but he exceeded every standard along the way and demands the same of his Team.

          4. If you remain in your unit and MOS, talk to your Chain-of-Command about what you have as goals and what you would like to achieve - see if it is possible to help be a catalyst (and you may not be the only one in your unit who thinks the same way you do) to make positive changes in the standards and conduct of your (and your units) military training.
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            Re: question about everybodys unit

            Originally posted by Squash View Post
            Print out your post. Show it to the next higher Soldier in your chain of command. You'll see that your COC is there to support you (the Soldier). Perhaps it's not as dysfunctional as it seems.
            Report the results back to us.
            Settin the kid up for failure on that one.