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Full time or Part time?

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  • Full time or Part time?

    Hey, just a few questions...
    whats the difference between full time and part time National Guard? Is the minimum enlistment different? do you get called on training more often? If i can get the deets. Thanks

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    Re: Full time or Part time?

    (Simple/Quick Breakdown. Anyone feel free to add/correct me in my haste.)

    Part time is your 1 weekend a month / 2-3 weeks a year.

    Fulltime is actually being there all day everyday. Like an ordinary job. Entitles you to active duty pay + additional money from BAH & BAS. Can include drilling with the unit as well. Top examples - Supply Sergeant, Recruiter, etc. There are 3 types of full time work. AGR, ADOS, Technician.

    AGR is full blown on a longterm contract.
    ADOS is short term contracts (usually for specific projects) but can be extended over and over.
    Technician is long term. You are essentially a federal employee, who wears the army uniform. Many positions are geared toward operations involving the Guard, big Army and State government (Public defense).You can hold the job as long as you are also assigned to a unit for drilling, so you will drill as well. Pay is NOT based on your rank, but instead on your government pay grade (different scale, almost always amounting to higher pay.)


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      Re: Full time or Part time?

      Thanks! Ados sounds pretty good. Is that accessible all times? or only during certain projects?


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        Re: Full time or Part time?

        I want to add that you cant actually enlist into any of these types of active duty. For AGR and Tech you must apply like any other job and be selected. For ADOS, most of the time you get selected by the unit that needs the assistance. Either way, none of the 3 are guaranteed upon enlistment.