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I'd like to do Airborne or Air Assault, just a few questions

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  • I'd like to do Airborne or Air Assault, just a few questions

    So some slots might open up by next summer or so for my Guard unit. I've heard the PT isn't too extreme at Airborne. I just need to start running more and getting in better shape before I go. I just got a 240 on my last PT test, hoping to improve. Do you guys think I would be ok?

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    Re: I'd like to do Airborne or Air Assault, just a few questions

    APFT Requirements for Airborne are 18-21yr old Male, no exceptions. Meet and beat that and you are good to hook.


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      Re: I'd like to do Airborne or Air Assault, just a few questions

      In either case plan to have a solid 70 in each of the APFT events - 80 or higher would be highly recommended.

      Air Assualt tends to be more physically demanding from moment 1 of training as you are required to complete various tasks in a compressed time-frame to include PT, ruck marching, obstacle courses - in short you need to be in shape beyond simple APFT scores. This school and training is based on, and focused on, real Air Assault mission training, planning, and execution.

      Airborne school requires you to be physically fit, but the physical demand varies over the course of the school as the focus is on leaning to correctly perform military static line parachuting techniques. In addition, you must have yourself "squared-away" for daily inspections, or any corrective training you accrue.

      Never train as a soldier just to "pass" or get a good score on the APFT - always train, workout, excercise beyond these events to a high standard and you should be ready to qualify to attend any school, and be successful during and after course completion.

      Also, remember that this is training and knowledge that you will bring back to your unit to not only accomplish the mission, but help train your fellow soldiers.

      Anyone can complete a school and wear a badge or pin-on - but like the case of Airborne school - not everyone can be, or understand what it means to be, and Airborne Soldier, a Paratrooper and live accordingly!


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        Re: I'd like to do Airborne or Air Assault, just a few questions

        I can tell you from experience that though airborne school is not overly physically demanding, you still need to work hard on your PT before you go. There's plenty of running, though slow. Both in Boots and sneakers, to the training sites, to chow, to the barracksk, everywhere. You can fail out for falling out of 2 runs, but other than that

        And as for air assault, I will NOT send any of my soldiers unless they have a 270 or above, do a 12 mile road march in less than 2 hrs and 50 min, and climb the rope multiple times in an hour. I went and there are too many people fail out for things they shouldn't be failing out for such as the things I mentioned above or on the tests. It is both physically and mentally demanding, but one of the best courses I've been too.

        Always remember, Be both physically and mentally prepared for these courses if you get the slot. If you fail out, you not only embarrass yourself for not being ready, but you also took a slot from someone else in your state that could have passed. I don't say this to scare you, I say it to motivate all of you. Think of how hard you have worked to get that slot to airborne/air assault/any other school. That badge and the experience are why you're there. Mave the most of it and come home more experienced to help your fellow battle buddies out!