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Got discharged before basic.

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  • Got discharged before basic.

    So I was told I was discharged, haven't had my papers come in yet. I had already went through MEPS, swearing in, signing my 6 year contract and everything. I even went to my first drill and was paid. But they never gave me my ACU's, battle book, or PT uniform.. I was set to ship in February as 68W. The thing that led to my discharge was a prior arrest from when I was a juvenile. When I was at MEPS, the counselor read through my record and my recruiter had brought in a letter from the Court about the whole thing. It said "was never formally charged..." so the counselor who signed the contract with me said I was good to go, and if I had any problems in the future, I should show the letter. About a month later, my recruiter told me that the National Guard had a problem with the fact that I was put under probation, even though the diversionary program was voluntary. What are my options? Serving is something I am really passionate about, and I don't want this opportunity to go to waste. I had planned to go in and undertake OCS to become an officer in the Army.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm from Chicago, IL. 19 years old
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    Re: Got discharged before basic.

    1. Go speak with your coc, and jag, if it's not official.

    2. If it's official, speak with a recruiter.


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      Re: Got discharged before basic.

      I'm a bit confused: you indicated your letter said you were "never formally charged", but later you were put under probation.

      A letter from the court is fine, but you may need a letter from the solicitor or the DA outlining how you weren't charged, but entered a diversionary program voluntarily.

      When there are gaps, people tend to try to fill them. Give them facts directly from the source(s) for clarity.

      Good luck.