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  • Waiver Bandwagon

    Sorry for adding to the waiver train, but need to make a decision soon. I am aware that waivers are not guaranteed and that there are many recruits out there who don't need them who could easily take my place.

    I am a prior AD Army enlistment Jul '94, but because I had not originally reported a history of asthma as a child received a Med discharge JFW RE3 (Failure to Meet Procurement Standards) while in BCT.

    I also require a moral waiver for 3 minor traffic tickets between years of '05-'07, DUI '03 and criminal charges for assault '94 and unlawful use of a credit card in '93. The criminal charges were waived once the first time I enlisted in '94, I don't know if that makes any difference at all now.

    I began the enlistment process for TXARNG in Mar '09 while I was finishing school with the intention of shipping after graduation and finishing my required internship. My recruiter at the time had me take the ASVAB and instructed me to go see an asthma/allergy specialist for testing to show I was fit for service. This was all completed by the end of Apr '09 at which time he told me he would submit my med waiver. I contacted him every 1-2 weeks following to check up on the status each time being told that nothing had come back yet. Around mid Sept '09 I received a text message from him after I had called him saying that his phone was broken, he could not receive or place calls and would call me the following week. I never received a call, nor did I get any response to the phone calls, text or emails I sent.

    In Nov '09 I contacted another local recruiter whose ad I had seen. He informed me that he could not take over my file without first contacting my original recruiter. He called me back later that day saying that my original recruiter had been transferred to the ROTC program, but wanted to retain me as a recruit because my intentions were 09S. He finally contacted me 2 weeks later for a meeting because he needed me to fill out documents for my med waiver to be submitted. I had already filled these out the first time he told me he had submitted it. To add to my frustration, the clearance letter I had received from the specialist in Apr was over 6 months old so I had to go through that process all over again. The same lack of communication took place again until Dec when I received a text from him saying my med waiver had been approved. Once again I did not hear back from him nor did I get any response to my attempts at contact.

    In Feb '10 I contacted Recruiting and Retention as a last effort to make contact with him. They informed me that he was in fact out of town for training this time but the would check on the status of my file and what was needed to continue. After researching it they informed me that my waiver had not been approved as I had been told and they informed me that they would assist me in getting another recruiter.

    In Mar '10 I was placed with another recruiter who has been on top of things as long as I have been working with him, not the best with answering the phone, but I can at least find him at his office. My med waiver was finally approved in Jun '10 with my MOS as 68W with ABN, leaving only my moral waiver. Next speed bump, my original recruiter had never sent my file to my new recruiter and for whatever reason they did not take my fingerprints at MEPS when I was there for my physical. It took about 1 1/2 weeks for the file transfer and to get to MEPS for prints.

    My moral waiver was originally submitted in Jul '10 only to be kicked back in the end of Aug '10 because of a charge that I remembered having back in '95 that I was charged and paid fines for came back on my bg check as having been dismissed. The other was a traffic ticket being shown on the bg check which I don't recall receiving and neither the reported issuing state nor my licensing state had any records of it. The necessary changes were made and it was resubmitted just before the end of FY2010 freeze went into effect. I was told not to worry because once the new recruiting goals came out they would start looking at waivers again for FY2011 in a few weeks.

    I spoke with my recruiter again today and he informed me that NGB may be doing away with waivers all together due to the NG being at/over strength.

    Does anyone know specifically regarding TXANG what the likelihood of my waiver being approved may be and if I can expect it to be anytime before 20101231? 68W with the 143rd is what I want to do and I do not want to give up, but I am now over a year past when my original recruiter said he would have me shipped by so I need to make a decision as to whether or not to stick with TXANG or consider other branch options.

    I apologize for the novel, but I wanted to include all the info regarding my situation so I get clear answers.

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    Re: Waiver Bandwagon

    I think you have been doing all you can do. I would suggest find another recruiter as lame as that sounds, or maybe look at the reserves or RA. Good luck!


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      Re: Waiver Bandwagon

      Originally posted by tnguy28 View Post
      I think you have been doing all you can do. I would suggest find another recruiter as lame as that sounds, or maybe look at the reserves or RA. Good luck!
      tnguy28 thanks for your response...

      Hopefully it doesn't come to having to get a new recruiter again, and hopefully after coming this far I haven't hit a wall. We'll see, one way or another I'll find an option/branch that will work. My ASVAB scores qualify me for most any MOS and I've already been medically cleared by MEPS so I'm not turning back now. I have already spoken to Navy Reserve about Hospital Corpsman slots who said the waivers shouldn't be a problem but there is a significant wait for school slots. I will also be speaking with RA and Reserves this week.

      Thanks again...