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  • Is this right?

    It's been a while since Ive been here, but let me give a little info about myself. I tried to enlist in the FLARNG a few years ago under the GED plus program but due to policy change and my recruiter being lazy I was disqualified for the GED program. long story short I needed a waver for traffic tickets and a possession of marijuana charge. I told my recruiter every run in with the law I had including the possession charge, but when he ran my background check it didn't show up because it's expunged which I told him in the beginning. Well he decided that he didn't need to submit a waver for the possession charge so instead he only submitted the one for the traffic tickets which was approved. So I go to meps and do the physical and finger printings which reveal my possession charge (which I told him was there!!). So he had to submit a waver for the possession charge and when it was approved the policy had just changed for the GED Plus program and you couldn't have any wavers to qualify. if he just would have listened to me I could have made it in time, very frustrating. So he tells me I need to go take the GED test and come back, so i did and called him back and he had already disposed of my file with my application and wavers so I had to start all over again (i guess he didn't have faith in me). So anyways new policy changes come in before I could sware in and no moral waver at all are being accepted for tier 2 . So thats the end of the road at that time.

    So since then I have enrolled in college and am almost done with my associates degree and am planing on transferring to the University of Florida next fall for my bachelors. Even though I have come a long way from being a High School dropout I still feel like I have accomplished nothing in my life. I like College and everything but I feel like I need to serve in the military and do my part. So now we get to my question, a few weeks ago I called an Army recruiter and tell him about my charges and am told that no wavers are being accepted at this time and to try the National Guard. So I called a Guard recruiter and he tells me that the possession charge is no problem but the traffic tickets are going to be a problem. Does this sound right?

    Sorry for the long post for a simple question but I feel I need to include this information to get an accurate response. Thanks

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    Re: Is this right?

    Anyone have an answer??


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      Re: Is this right?

      First of all, I want you to know that you should be very proud of yourself. Very few applicants have the drive and determination to get their GED on their own, and get into college and work towards a degree. Whether or not you recognize that you have accomplished anything you have, and you have definitely increased your position from a high school dropout, to very soon a college degree holder.

      Second, you have to realize that it is the recruiters job to put you in to the military, and they will work towards that goal. It sounds like your first recruiter may have been less knowlegeable on what he needed to do, and that was the start of your problem. It would not make sense for a recruiter to intentionally lie about recruitment standards to keep you out all together, they have nothing to gain from that. There is a provision in the Enlistment Manual about traffic citations, and they are particularly important if they are unsettled, unpaid, or in any way still outstanding.

      You should contact a few other recruiters, maybe even in a neighboring state, and see if any of them can provide you with an alternative. Local recruiters have a great deal of flexibility, and know what they can work with. The farther away they are from reaching their target number of applicants, the harder they will work to find a solution for you, so you may need to look around a bit for someone who is willing or able to help.

      It sounds like you have a lot of determination, and I love hearing about applicants like you making their way in successfully. Hopefully this is the guidance you need to find yourself signing on the dotted line.


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        Re: Is this right?

        This post is 9 months old and Dave O hasn't even checked in since February.