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Traffic Ticket Waiver Help! FLARNG

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  • Traffic Ticket Waiver Help! FLARNG

    Alright so here is the situation, I took asvab passed. Recruiter sent all paperwork (background, police report and a med read on gall bladder surgery).

    All came back clear. I got 9 traffic violations.

    Recruiter has never done ticket waiver. What do I write? do I explain each offense? Please help he is new to this waiver.

    Im 22 years old. Fl national guard. Meps next weeks. Im excited as can be.

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    Re: Traffic Ticket Waiver Help! FLARNG

    Let him worry about how to fill out the waiver. In the meantime, I would write something down about each violation, just in the event he asks for it.

    I'd kinda be prepared to explain why you didn't "get it" after, say, the 4th or 5th ticket........


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      Re: Traffic Ticket Waiver Help! FLARNG

      Dude slow down


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        Re: Traffic Ticket Waiver Help! FLARNG

        Originally posted by o13starsnstripes View Post
        Dude slow down
        Well, it could be nine forgetful "failure to use a turn signal" violations... or not...

        In any event, look up all of your violations, have a list readily available of dates, violation types, fines, city/state of violations and anything else relevant. Also, make sure that they're all paid.


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          Re: Traffic Ticket Waiver Help! FLARNG

          Alright guys I'm sorry I was at the library being rushed off the computer. Here is the situation

          I have 9 violations.

          2 operating mv with no insurance - I had to decide between eating or insurance and I couldn't not go to work.

          2 sound violations - car audio, I was a installer and my vehicle was a demo vehicle. I received both tickets while do demos.

          1 seatbelt violation - stupidity I know

          4 speed violations - I worked a hour away and if I wasn't running late because of me I was running late due to traffic.

          Now I know I am responsible for all of my violations, there is no excuse for this what so ever but what's done is done.

          My recruiter said I needed 3 character refrences and I needed to write a letter explaining these violations. All he could tell me (cause he has never done a ticket waiver) was not to you "I was young and stupid" or "it wasn't my fault"

          He said his boss said the waiver would not be rejected but I am worried and I don't know where to start. I obtained my license at 16 my last ticket was in jan of 2008 and before that 2006. Almost all these violations were obtained in 2006.

          The bad truth is I was young and did not think about how those bad decisions would impact my life. I have since got smarter lol

          So I'm asking what do I need to write, how do I approac this letter. Any advice would be great.


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            Re: Traffic Ticket Waiver Help! FLARNG

            i had to do something like this when i joined basically explain what happened you understand what happened and why it wont happen again and the reasonbasiclly give a good reason to like


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              Re: Traffic Ticket Waiver Help! FLARNG

              Pretty much like you have already said, most were in 2006, and you haven't received a ticket since 2008.

              Can you associate all those tickets in '06 to an event? High School senior? Girlfriend? Just make it plausable.

              Make an introductory paragraph - introduce yourself, explain briefly why you want to be a part of the guard, then go into a list of citations with dates, dispositions, etc.

              If they are in a small span of time, you can explain them collectively. Since you have some repeats, you'll have to give further explaination (like your car being a demo - explain the PLACE you did it).

              Have a rough draft at hand and show it to your Pastor, a HS teacher, a family friend - someone mature - and ask them if it passes the litmus test.

              Good luck!!
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                Re: Traffic Ticket Waiver Help! FLARNG

                I would like to thank everyone for there responses.

                At the time of the majority of the tickets I was in my first job as a car audio installer. I was so concerned with not being late. I also financed my first car and had acquired bills. I was having a hard time managing money hence the insurance being dropped.

                I just don't wanna sound like I am not accepting responsibility. Like I said all the speeding tickets was on my way to work.

                I'm fighting currently with joining because..

                Fl is not accepting geds at the moment which I have. His boss is telling him sometime this month due to the end of the year cycle. I gotta get this approved so I can join during this gap. Even with that there is no guarantee I will get in. Boy do I regret dropping out of high school. I got meps next week and honestly I'm nervous as can be. I'm hoping to get a spot as a 91B but at this point I am willing to take just about anything I can get.

                If I done a entry paragraph introducing myself and explaining why I wanna join and why I would be a good soldier. Then a paragraph trying to explain my situation at the time of the violations how should I close the letter? I just wanna get it approved. We can't send it out until I pass meps. So I wanna have it done to submit the day after meps. Then of course I wait on it and then swear in. This has been such a battle for me to join so far.

                Again thanks sooo much to all of you, your support and these forums have been a big help. I have been considering joining for years and wouldn't have the info I have if it wasn't for yall. This is truly a great site with great people and advice.
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                  Re: Traffic Ticket Waiver Help! FLARNG

                  The letter that you write is going to request a waiver. Briefly touch on the 9 traffic tickets. Then switch to a summary of some good things you've done. Then explain why granting the waiver is a good choice for the Guard. Tell them what you want them to hear/think. Confidence in yourself is important.