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LF: Recruiter (WA/AZ/CA)

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  • LF: Recruiter (WA/AZ/CA)

    I recently received a letter from my surgeon that I would like to forward to recruiters in Washington, California, and Arizona.

    Thank you.

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    Re: LF: Recruiter (WA/AZ/CA)

    have a location of where your going / zipcode would help a little bit better OR call 1-800 go guard OR fill out:


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      Re: LF: Recruiter (WA/AZ/CA)

      Olympia (Thurston County), Washington; San Diego, California; Phoenix, Arizona.



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        Re: LF: Recruiter (WA/AZ/CA)

        If you can't get ahold of even one of these recruiters in the day, you need to call 1800 go guard and have them find a recruiter for you Send my 12 pac to my address at....

        Olympia (Thurston County), WA
        DUSTIN MCCLURE1 (Enlisted)

        8221 MARTIN WAY E SUITE F Lacey WA 98516

        San Deigo, CA
        JUAN CARLOS APONTE (Enlisted)

        4389 IMPERIAL AVE SAN DIEGO CA 92113

        Pheonix, AZ
        JOE J MARTIN1 (Enlisted)

        10222 N 7TH ST Phoenix AZ 85020


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          Re: LF: Recruiter (WA/AZ/CA)

          I think I need a Washington recruiter to open up my case and file a waiver before I attempt to join in another state.


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            Re: LF: Recruiter (WA/AZ/CA)

            Originally posted by Nathan
            I think I need a Washington recruiter to open up my case and file a waiver before I attempt to join in another state.
            Thats not gonna happen. A recruiter is not going to put in the time to put you into another state.


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              Re: LF: Recruiter (WA/AZ/CA)

              Would probably be best to enlist through WA, complete initial entry training, and then IST to the state you're wanting to be with.

              The recruiter I sent you should call you today. Did you leave him a message?


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                Re: LF: Recruiter (WA/AZ/CA)

                SSG Cox. I called him.



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                  Re: LF: Recruiter (WA/AZ/CA)

                  I went to a National Guard office and spoke to a recruiter who I knew wouldn't have a clue about what to do about my situation. It was a waste of time.

                  Below is the letter I received from my surgeon. Is it possible to waive "hydronephrosis" or should I stop trying?

                  Service Date: August 11, 2010 22:00
                  Result Status: Authenticated
                  Result Title: 2590151
                  Performed By: Harper, MD, Jonathan David on August 11, 2010 09:39
                  Verified By: Harper, MD, Jonathan David on August 16, 2010 07:51
                  Encounter info: 1729920890, UWMC, Outpatient, 08/02/2010 - 08/02/2010

                  * Final Report *

                  To Whom It May Concern:

                  Nathan Schneider was referred here to the University of Washington for a consultation and seen March 15, 2010, with an incidental diagnosis of right hydronephrosis. He was attempting to joining the military, specifically the national guard, and was declined secondary to this diagnosis of hydronephrosis. Upon further workup he was found to have a congenital right UPJ obstruction with some decline in the kidney function on that side.

                  He underwent a reconstructive surgery in the form of a laparoscopic pyeloplasty on May 6, 2010. He has had an uneventful postoperative course and is doing great. He just recently underwent a Lasix washout renal scan to evaluate the repair. The results look good, as he has had not only a stability in his declining renal function on the affected side but actually some improvement. He has improvement of his excretion and no longer has evidence of obstruction. The long-term success rate of a dismembered pyeloplasty is over 90%.

                  Of note, he stated that hydronephrosis is a disqualification for him pursuing the national guard and is now hoping to be instated and qualify. Please note that hydronephrosis, especially when severe, often persists even after correctable surgery because of excess renal pelvis. This alone is of no clinical significance as long as there is adequate urinary excretion. He overall has normal renal function and has no restrictions of any type of activities, including strenuous exercise.

                  Please feel free to contact me if there are any further concerns or questions.


                  Signature Line
                  Electronically Reviewed/Signed On: 08/16/10 at 07:51
                  Harper, MD, Jonathan David
                  Attending, Urology
                  Box 356158
                  Seattle, WA


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                    Re: LF: Recruiter (WA/AZ/CA)

                    I now have five blood pressure readings and all of my doctor's notes. I'm looking for a dedicated Washington recruiter.