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  • Split-OP?

    Is split-op still available (for Military Police) if not when will it restart? If so is it always an option, always available?

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    Re: Split-OP?

    Split op is still an option, it was just closed to HS juniors within the past couple months because all the BT slots were full for the summer.


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      Re: Split-OP?

      Thanks for the help


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        Re: Split-OP?

        I wanted split op too. Should be at basic right now... but all the spots were full


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          Re: Split-OP?

          for you guys who were interested in split-option, let me describe a plan that will get you almost exactly back on schedule, re: college.

          1. graduate from high school standard schedule, 1st of June. immediately enroll in your local community college, 12 hours(6 hours each summer session).

          2. go to basic followed by AIT immediately after second summer session ends, approx. August 15th. That gives you five months to become a fully qualified soldier. You will have many MOS options to choose from. You will come back in time to attend your Spring semester of college, and you will have 12 semester hours of college compared to most of your peers who will have 15 hours of college.

          Look at the advantages.

          1. weather-you will do most of your field marches/FTXs in the fall(much better than if you did split-op in the heat)

          2. last paycheck is gonna be a nice big paycheck. you should get paid for your accumulated leave. 2.5 days of leave for every month on Active Duty. Example - four months of AD, get paid 10 days of leave, that's an extra 1/3 of a month's pay.

          2a. your financial situation in general is gonna be off the charts superior to your peers. IF IF IF you take care of your money from Basic and AIT, you won't have to get a part-time job; (you will be financially independent) but your peers will either be struggling or being taken care of by mama and daddy.

          3. physically and mentally sharp- because you did the entire 4-5 months in a row, you won't lose your edge.


          1. you won't be as familiar with the college as your peers, because they've been there since late August.

          2. You'll have to figure out a way to enroll in your spring college courses while you're at AIT. (ask the college, maybe you can enroll online while at AIT, or maybe you can sign an agreement letting your friends or relatives sign up for you)

          3. if you're attending a college that requires a dorm situation freshman year, simply give the college plenty of notice, show orders, and they will almost certainly bend the rules and give you a dorm space and only charge one semester(most colleges require an academic year contract)

          To me the disadvantages are simply things you have to work through, I don't see one that really hurts your college experience. To me, #1 is offset by advantage #2a.

          Also, check with your recruiter, but I think you can join the guard up to 12 months before you leave for basic, which means you can get the clock started on time in grade and time in service before you start your senior year of high school.