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Top Secret Clearance Questions...

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    Re: Top Secret Clearance Questions...

    Originally posted by boxinabag View Post
    I am not in the military so I don't have an opinion that matters too greatly but I agree with this. You should be honest, I normally wouldn't jump into a post that I really have no place being in but it really aggravates me to see that someone who is enlisted and even worse, wants to be an officer, would get so intoxicated that they would just risk their entire career like you did. I mean, look at my thread, I have jumped through all sorts of hoops just to get to MEPS, and I still may be DQ'd, and I have been training for over a year for my job. Seriously, if you want to be an Officer please consider that you were not only let into the military but are still in it even after what you did, and some of us are being DQ'd because of something as small as ADHD... Saying "I want to better myself now" is not good enough, you should have done that when you joined.

    Man up and be honest and take responsibility for your own actions.
    As I said I made a mistake 7 years ago. I have been in the Army for over a decade and I understand about some of the pains going on with discharges right now. I am asking the question and being honest regarding the backstory I posted on this thread because it is supposed to be a forum for asking TSC questions. So far I haven't gotten much more than criticism. While I can understand the immediate hostility towards my questions I am hoping one of you will step back for a moment with me, look at this situation rationally, and provide a little feedback on what my options may be.

    I am quite aware of my mistake and live with it daily. I had to stop lumbering it around in the back of my head because it was giving me ulcers. I have since begun dissecting it in order to find out what my options are.

    When I filled out my SF86 the recruiter was standing directly behind me. I wanted to go to college and I wanted to be an officer. He was smart. He didn't tell me flat out to lie. But what he said was clear enough. Lie or don't get a scholarship. I lied. I commissioned. Whether you choose to believe it or not I am a **** good officer. I have been around the block and most soldiers recognize and respect that. I understand the system. I am dedicated and I am hard working.

    My only goal here is to get a little feedback on what my options might be.

    Thank you.


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      Re: Top Secret Clearance Questions...

      I say tell the truth 100%. What they're concerned with for a TS is deception. If you disclose inflammatory intel about yourself, you are likely an honest and trust worthy soldier. You can't change poor decisions that were made in the past, but you can certainly show that they were just that - poor decisions, not a reflection of your character or of your loyalty to the Army. To the honest, the cocaine bit may very well cause a problem because it's a hard drug, but as long as you are not being deceptive and you never sold drugs, you should be just fine.


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        Re: Top Secret Clearance Questions...

        I currently have a Secret and have been accepted for a civilian position which requires a TS.

        If CCF declinces my TS can they also revoke my Secret?