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CASP for aviation?

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  • CASP for aviation?

    I am looking for any one I can talk to regarding using the CASP program to go into Army aviation. If you have a number of a good recruiter I can talk to about this, it would be appreciated. The state doesn't matter, I just want to get into a good unit.



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    Re: CASP for aviation?

    I'm gathering details on CASP for currently enlisted/PS. I found a general list of CASP waivers of MOS school: aviation maintenance, repair and traffic control are included.

    I highly doubt this would ever be possible for pilots, since military aviation and equipment differs greatly from the commercial side. But who knows?

    PM me for info.


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      Re: CASP for aviation?

      CASP...not so much...but there is still hope...

      Depending on your combination of education and civilian-acquired-skills, you will get the Warrant Board's attention when applying for WOC/flight school. Granted, you will probably still have to enlist and go to AIT and take an aviation MOS in order to acquire that "feeder MOS" that is required...but its not unlike the 09S's who got basic and then OCS...except you also have to go to AIT.