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Refused to ship? WHY?

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  • Refused to ship? WHY?

    I was supossed to leave in april of last year, I joined when my fiance was pregnant, thinking it wouldnt be anything for me to leave for 9 months of training. Little did I know, I got to MEPS to ship out to ft jackson, And I got cold feet and just didnt feel right about leaving my Fiance with a new born baby by herself.

    So, Being almost a year later, Ive felt really stupid about not shipping to bct when I was supossed to. I want to join and go through with the plans I had before. If anyone has any past experience with this or knows any information,
    that would be great.

    Also Im not sure of my RE-code, As I can not find my serperation papers.


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    Re: Refused to ship? WHY?

    I would ask why they couldn't arrange a different shipdate, but I assume those chances went out the window since you bailed at the very last second.

    Hopefully everything family side is taken care of, so you can resume focusing on the military. Good luck.
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      Re: Refused to ship? WHY?

      Speak to a recruiter. They can also find out your RE code.


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        Re: Refused to ship? WHY?

        Chances are, you are still being processed for your discharge.

        When I was in the Iowa Guard in 2003/2004/2005, I was supposed to ship to AIT May 2005, but my (then) fiance was Active Duty stationed in Germany. My command was telling me my only option was to 1. get pregnant, or 2. not ship and get discharged. They were threatening the discharge would ruin my life, etc. Little did they know, I know how to read regulations.

        My ship date came & went, and I didn't go to AIT. It took them until Aug 2006 to send me my discharge paperwork, even though my discharge was dated June 2005.

        I received an Uncharacterized Entry-Level Status Separation with an RE-3 code. You don't ever have to list on a resume or application or anything that you ever had military service. It will not effect your future with jobs or anything. With the RE-3, in order to get back in I had to write a letter explaining why I got out the first time, and how I have changed and want to serve now.

        Best bet, go talk to your recruiter like Mom's Mistake said. You can also try logging into AKO, and going to your iPERMS to view your records to see if your discharge paperwork is on there. You will want to find your NGB Form 22 Report of Separation and Service, your RE code will be in box 26 (ReEnlistment Eligibility).
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          Re: Refused to ship? WHY?

          I got my discharge papers, But I cant seem to find them or my contract that I had previoulsy signed...

          I will try to get into ako and see if I can access it.