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My 1st RSP Weekend

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  • My 1st RSP Weekend

    Overall it was a very good experience, met a lot of cool people who are going to the same place for BCT as me, but a little earlier. Learned how to march, how to eat MRE's, rank, all the goodies they teach. I liked the rubber duckies and simulating how to get across a danger zone, by using hand signals and formations. We did a PT test, I did good on the mile, 6:09 and on the 1 minute push ups, 75. On the situps it was a bit funny, due to the fact that we are constantly reminded to drink water and stay hydrated, I heard a lot of water slushing back and forth haha. I only got 39 due to not throwing myself back to the ground, I was using abs up and down, but I know I'll do much better next time. We got smoked due to someone holding their rubber ducky up like Tony Montana in a retard attempt to salute the flag. The bad thing about the smoking is I missed the door by a foot...I could've escaped the wrath lol. On top of the bs salute, the guy called his weapon a gun, then when he was ordered to drop, he put the weapon on the ground and not his knuckles. We had to hold the up position until he got everything straight, which wasn't so bad, because the drill sergeant was so entertaining. We proceeded to a little PT that evening, some more learning, and were assigned our cots. I had the pleasure of doing fireguard for an hour, it was ok, just being on the look out, reading and talking to the guy who was serving with me. The next day we woke up to an Insanity workout (yes the video), everyone showered after and got into civilian clothes, then we were given chow. We did more marching, got sizes for our issued gear, and played a game of S.A.L.U.T.E with the other teams. After our game, we were talked to for a little while by the Drill Sergeant, then we went outside to play "Drill Sergeant Says" a game that you can't win haha, but it's fun and makes you pay attention. We cleaned the barracks and were hoping that it would be smooth sailing. BUT...someone couldn't fight their addiction and brought dip, then left the container in the urinal...CAN YOU SAY SMOKE SESSION? We did the session and of course everyone was pissed, but afterwards, we did a little waiting and talking. Later our Drill Sergeant talked to us about some things and we were dismissed. Overall I loved the experience, Hooah!

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    Re: My 1st RSP Weekend

    Are you in Lynchburg?


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      Re: My 1st RSP Weekend

      Sounds similar to mine, except we didn't get to learn about getting across a danger zone with hand signals, and didn't have rifles. I was also lucky that we didn't get smoked, although our Platoon SGT was pissed during morning PT because the Red Phase kids(us) ran the mile faster than the Basic grads and MOS'Q soldiers. Besides that it was just a good taste of military environment. I had fireguard also, from 0500-0600, it wasn't so bad.