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RSP at Denver, Colorado

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  • RSP at Denver, Colorado

    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd post a brief but hopefully informative update about my 1st RSP Weekend in Denver Colorado.

    Show-up time was 1800 on Friday, I got there about 1740 and stood in line with a bunch of other guys, while we put our contraband (cell phones, car keys etc) into labelled bags before going into the drill hall and getting height/weight measurements, filing out some basic paperwork, and then setting up Army cots to sleep on. The folks who were there for the first time were issued a couple of sets of RSP workout gear. We then headed out for evening PT, which consisted of a lot of sprinting, then pushups/flutterkicks etc. Not too extreme, but definitely enough to get your heart pumping and give you a workout, though a few people puked and fell out during it.

    There was no evening chow that night (we'd been instructed to eat before we showed up), so those of us on our first weekend received some welcome and introduction presentations from the Cadre which lasted until just before 2300. We had about 10 minutes for hygiene and then it was lights out. I probably got about an hour or 2's sleep with people talking, fireguard, and waking up freezing halfway through the night as the bay doors were open to the outside and the temperature dropped!

    0400 was wake-up, after which we had about 30 mins for hygiene and to get into formation. We then did the PT test - for those of us on our first weekend we did the 1-1-1, my numbers were 33PU, 32SU and 1 mile in 7:38.

    After that was breakfast, then classes right through to lunch on general orders, rank structure, Army Values and Warrior Ethos. We'd get taken outside about once an hour for some more PT, usually for screwing something up like forgetting to call "At Ease" when a Cadre member entered the room.

    The afternoon was mainly spent on marching and facing movements. I saw other platoons in their 2nd-4th weekends doing stuff like pugil sticks, combatives, cleaning weapons etc.

    In the evening we had a presentation from the Family Liaison with a bunch of great information for us married folks, follow by a mass game of Dodgeball between the platoons which was total mayhem and pretty fun. We were given personal+hygiene time from 2000-2200, although there wasn't a whole lot to do apart from some personal PT, talk to other recruits, study up on the stuff we'd learnt that day.

    Sunday morning we had wake-up at 0500, and morning PT at 0530 which focused on flexibility, core and lower body strength. After breakfast was a briefing about pay, BAH, etc while we were at IET, and then a couple of hours cleaning up. We had a final formation and then were dismissed at 1200.

    Overall it was a great learning experience - I think what helped me the most was just being in a military environment for a few days and getting the right mindset of always moving with purpose, following proper protocols etc. Our Platoon Leader was a Private who had just got back from 11B OSUT several weeks ago, so it was great to hear about his experiences and he was a good leader too.

    I'll have one more RSP in October, and then off to Ft Benning!

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    Re: RSP at Denver, Colorado

    The cadre at Denver RSP are great at what they do and they truly take pride in preparing privates for Basic. Learn as much as you can there. Everything they say will definitely give you a leg up in Basic.

    Glad to hear you had a great experience!


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      Re: RSP at Denver, Colorado

      Hey good job dude!


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        Re: RSP at Denver, Colorado

        When I was in RSP in Colorado, it was at Ft. Carson. I've seen the new one at the Denver Armory, looks like a great program.


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          Re: RSP at Denver, Colorado

          Just got back from my 2nd and final RSP in Denver - the first night was pretty much the same, some admin, height/weight, about 40 mins-hour of PT, then an hour or so of marching/facing movements.

          Saturday morning was a 1-1-1 (you were only allowed to do the 2-2-2 if you were doing stripes for skills) - I managed to improve on all sections, with 35 pushups, 40 situps, and 1 mile in 7:16. The rest of the morning was more marching/facing movements, then lunch, and a review of ranks/general orders/army values/soldier's creed in the afternoon. After evening chow, we did some pretty intense PT, with a full warm up then circuit training at 5 stations to include 8-count body builders, diamond pushups and mountain climbers amongst others.

          Sunday was a Shipper's Brief for myself and the other recruits shipping before next drill, some more admin, and some PT focused on core and flexibility.

          Overall it's been a good introduction into the National Guard, and has definitely helped prep me for basic!


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            Re: RSP at Denver, Colorado


            Looking forward to having an equally rewarding/challenging experience!