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  • Losing weight

    Howdy, I am 17, 5'8" and 225 pounds. I'm basically a big boy. I plan on enlisting right after high school so I have more than enough time (at least I hope so) to get into shape. That's around 6 months in time to work out. I do not have a job, I'm home schooled and prefer working out in the mornings. I have been running for the past 3 weeks: Run Sun, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat and I do nothing Fri and Mon. Besides running I also started doing push-ups, sit-ups and squats before running. No, I don't do the same route or same speed or even the same distance everyday. I change it up as much as I can while still doing a lot, in my opinion at least. Right now, I can run 1 mile in about 11 minutes and then I have to start walking... I eat no more than 2000 calories a day and sometimes less than 1500. Here is my current schedule.

    7:00 am - Wake up
    7:30 am - Eat breakfast (cereal and toast)
    8:00 am - start stretching

    8:15 to 8:30 (I tend to procrastinate) - begin my workout: This is where it gets bad because I am... well... big. I start with push-ups and try to get 5 out of me. I take a 60 sec. break and then do 15 sit-ups. Take another 60 sec break and do 3 push-ups and back to a 60 sec break. Then to sit-ups and I try to push out 10 of those. Next, I do 15 squats, break, 15 more squats.

    9:00 am - I start my run: I walk about .2 miles to stretch out a little more before running. After the .2 I try and run 1 mile without stopping. Sometimes I don't make the 1 mile marker and sometimes I do. Either way, after running as much as I could muster I switch back to walking (always keep moving). I walk about .4 to .5 miles and try to run .5 miles. Finally, I finish off with walking one more half mile and then I am done for the day.

    12:01 pm - I eat lunch (usually a sandwich with ham, turkey, pepper jack cheese, lettuce and a little mayo to not make it so dry)
    3:00 pm - I have 1 nutrition bar
    6:00 pm - I eat dinner, we cook so it's healthy and then I still don't eat as much.

    I'm telling you my schedule to see if anyone has any tips and what I should do to make it better. I've had weight issues my entire life and it's about **** time to end that. If anyone has a weekly plan with nutrition and working out in it that I can stick to and do every week then that would be a GREAT help to me. I'm not a big fitness guy of course (or else I wouldn't weight as much as I do) so I don't really know what I am doing or if it is even correct. I got all of this (my current plan) off of common sense mostly. Please respond as soon as you can.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Losing weight

    I am trying to lose some weight as well.

    My first suggestion is your caloric intake. Make sure you don't starve yourself as your body needs calories to rebuild muscle and recover. If you haven't done so already, start doing an online calorie counter to keep track of what you are eating.

    Next, set some goals. My run time for the mile when I started was 15 minutes. The day before yesterday, I posted my personal best which was 9:07 for the mile and 15:06 for the mile and a half. I set weekly goals for running and try to increase how far I run without stopping. I am now up to 1.1 miles without stopping. Like you, I was barely able to run 1/2 mile, but now my goal is to run a 1 1/2 without stopping within 30 days. I have a six month goal of getting a 240 on the PT test, being able to run 5 miles without stopping and being within the weight standard to enlist.

    Finally, enjoy yourself as you exercise. I started this process hating the running portion, but after 1 1/2 months of running every other day, I am actually looking forward to running, even though I live in an area where running outside means running in 40 F or colder weather. Be sure to tell your friends and family your goals so they motivate you. The more people I tell, the less likely I will not go out on a rainy or snowy night as I know people will be asking me how my progress is going.

    Good luck to you and congratulations on making the choice to get in shape earlier in life. I am a bit older than you and wish I did this when I was 17!

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      Re: Losing weight

      Thank you for the response Tony, much appreciated.


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        Re: Losing weight

        There is this great diet called, Eat less, Move more. That was a joke. Being a boxer and a wrestler for the greater part of my life i have mastered weight loss. really the key is to keep working out on a regular basic and eat right. I used to take it to the extreme at times and only eat salads, pickles just vegetables and fruit most of the day and just chicken breast for one meal a day or some other protein. plus burn 700 to 800 calories on the elliptical about 6 days a week. I do not recommend my way of losing weight lol but hey it works. bottom line, keep working towards your goal and stay dedicated. also mix up your workouts, i.e bike, run, jump rope, swim. this keeps it fun. good luck!


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          Re: Losing weight

          More suggestions would be nice if anyone has any.

          Thank you for the responses so far and the ones to come.



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            Re: Losing weight

            High protein meat/fish/shakes (180g), low carb (20g-40g) And a fat burner Xenadrine and a least 1 gallon of water per day along with 30 mins of cardio. In 3 weeks I went from 210 to 186. If you cheat it won't work!! Water is a must!!! Keep your kidneys flushed. This is what I did, just an idea of what works


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              Re: Losing weight

              I have lost about 65 lbs since Feb by eating smaller portions, more salads, more whole grain foods and switching to diet mt dew, and trying to run 4 miles 3-4 days a week. 4 miles might sound far but do it for a couple weeks and keep pushing yourself and the 2 miles you do for pt will seem like nothing.


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                Re: Losing weight

                Cardio, cardio, cardio. That's the biggest thing you can do to lose weight. Plus eating 3-4, sometimes 5 SMALL meals a day. Only eat healthy snacks and keep your daily caloric intake to around 1800-2100. That's less than the recommended daily intake, but if you consume less then your body fat will have to be burned to make up the rest. Walking is ok, but since running adds cardio to the mix, do it. walk or run a mile burns the same amount of calories. Drinks lots of water that in addition to the small meals will increase your metabolism, thus causing you to burn more calories. Stop eating junk such as: candy, cookies, basically any foods with loads of sugar. Those nutrition bars are cr@p too. they have too many calories and sugar despite how good for you they claim to be. Diet sodas aren't going to help any either. Water, milk and 100% pure fruit juice are the only thing good. Gatorade and powerade should only be consumed after intense workouts in order to replace electrolytes.

                Try to get a workout partner. they can be motivation and bring out your competitive side to do better than them.

                Do NOT run or work the same muscles everyday. Skip a day between running, abs, arms, etc. This increases risk of injury. Your body needs rest to rebuild the muscle.

                Running 4-5 miles a day is great, but will not always help your 2 mile. It will only build your endurance. 2 mile runs, and i mean all out busting you a22 run, is good to throw in. So are 30:60s, up and down hill running. If you are new to running work on your endurance first by running (jogging) for about 30 min at a pace just fast enough to raise your heart rate, breathing, and make you sweat. Don't worry about distance on these just feel the burn and push yourself. when it starts to get easy pick it up. Try running and sprinting. If you run on a track run intervals. Sprint the straights and jog the turns. If on a road do light pole sprints, run as fast as you can from one to the other then jog to the next then sprint agan. repeat this through your run.

                The best thing for push ups and sit ups is to just do them. work on form. you'll gain nothing if they're sloppy. do them every other day too, but it dont hurt to throw some in the other days but not too much. after every meal throw in a few PU's that increases metabolism too. Dont eat too soon before working out. it causes cramps and fatigue faster.


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                  Re: Losing weight

                  Also its ok, but good to steer from your diet every so often. eat some of the bad stuff BUT DONT overdo it. If you keep it too strict you'll most likely give up. reward youself and enjoy it.


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                    Re: Losing weight

                    Here's my general schedule.


                    Run 5 miles every other day + 30 mins of cycling (morning then evening).
                    Swim (laps) for 60 mins on the days that I'm not running + 30 mins elliptical (on separate occasions during the day).

                    Weight lifting:
                    Every other day for 30 mins at most. Do not rest in between sets. What I suggest is to research some Crossfit/P90x calisthenic exercises and do those between your sets so you maintain a level of intensity.

                    Diet: eat less.