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  • Diet advice!

    Hello everyone,
    I want advice on eating healthy.I'm currently 148 lbs, 5'9 but I'm a little out of shape.I've been eating fast food almost every day.I've been wanting to go out and buy healthy fresh food and now that I have some extra money I'd like to do just that.I'm wondering what I should get? I'm thinking just lots of chicken to grill and veggies?

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    Re: Diet advice!

    Go with Bison or good cuts of Fish, then fresh veggies. Dont use the butter or sauces, a good fresh relish works great, or just light seasoning or S&P. If you buy good quality stuff, why do you want to mask the flavor. Kinda like eating Ketchup with a steak, or cooking the **** out of it.


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      Re: Diet advice!

      Good advice above. Also, cut out fast food and carbonated drinks... water is your friend. That alone will make a lot of difference.

      Fish, chicken and veggies. Try to steam the veggies as they lose less nutrients that way.


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        Re: Diet advice!

        Thanks for the advice! I went to go buy some chicken breasts,veggies,and some turkey to make sandwiches.Been cutting out the fast food now I just gotta cut off the soda Oh and Phantom,where do you buy Bison? Isn't it expensive?


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          Re: Diet advice!

          Bison, is a little more pricey. Look at a specialty shops. I am addicted to Whole Foods. Good replacements if not available or you have spent way too much, is Turkey (check the label on ground turkey, they are lean but there is a leaner version, Walmart carries both), and a lean Ground beef (96/4 or 94/6). Yes, its stupid that the healthy meats do cost more, but when you realize you arent buying the fatty junk to go with it, it can equal out. This is what I had for dinner last night.

          Grilled Chicken Kabobs and Grilled Veggie Kabobs (Onion,Bell Pepper, and Squash). I got the Lean Precut Raw Chicken Tenders. The hardest part is skewering and cutting the veggies. Toss on the grill (Fresh Pepper and lite Kosher Salt) and you have a complete meal. It fed 3 people for $10 total. It had a good lean source of protein and veggies and plenty of flavor. Make extra Veggies so you get enough to eat if needed.

          You do have to eat some forms of Good Fats, use some Olive Oil for example. Dont leave out flavor, I make a cream sauce I put over chicken its easy. Fat Free Sour Cream (tastes horrible by itself), Lime Juice, Pepper and Garlic. You can make what ever you like, eating healthy doesnt have to taste horrible or be expensive. You can take any recipe just make the ingrediants you use better for you.

          I do have a hangup on canned ****. People think its a healthy protein, and it is, but you have to read the labels. Canned ****, has broth and salt and other additives. Thats 2 times salt is listed and other things you can remove, fresh **** isnt packed in broth!!! I get canned ****, but I get the light **** with Low Sodium, the only 2 ingrediants are **** and Water. Reading Labels and Nutrition Charts on products is the key to healthy diets. Any mouth breather can eat celery and lose a few pounds, but the diet will fail. If you make the diet fun and tasteful, its easier to stick too, and become a lifestyle. Good Luck, its never hard starting.

          Oh, and dont beat yourself up, if you cave and eat a meal thats not on your diet. Put cheat meals in there. Just dont make it everyday, and maybe workout harder that day. There is nothing wrong with Pizza, Burgers, Mexican, sweets etc... as long as you realize what your doing and use moderation and planning. I can go on for days on how I eat, it drives my buddies crazy sometimes, but I was in culinary school before the Army, I love food!!!

          ***How in the Fck did Tuuna not pass the word filter, thats jacked up.
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            Re: Diet advice!

            Wow! Thanks for the really informative reply Phantom! I really appreciate it.I'll definitely take your advice.Oh and why does the forum censor everything??