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Running and general APFT stuff

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  • Running and general APFT stuff

    Hey everyone,

    My recovery is going well. I'm definitely not full strength but its manageable. Just gonna take continued working out.

    My question about running is if I'm slowish on my 2 mile time, should I try running greater distances so the 2 miles seems less, or should I just keep trying the 2 mile? What I've been doing is alternating a 3 mile run, that takes me almost exactly 30 minutes to the very second, each mile the exact same pace, very comfortably. I'm not gasping for air when I'm done, and then on other days I run a faster 1 mile, at speed which almost have me winded.

    Today was the 3 mile day and other than feeling my calf muscles burn from getting tired it was pretty easy. I probably could have done another mile or so, but didnt want to over do it.

    Now as far as situps and push ups, I'm good on my situps. I'm passing with a 12 pound weight vest while doing them.

    Push ups, I'm almost passing with a 12 pound weight vest. I do as many as I can until muscle failure or my form gets too crappy, which is about 25-30 with the weight vest. Then I start taking breaks of about 90 seconds to two minutes, then I do sets of 15-20 until I reach 100.

    Any suggestions on what I can do to take this further? I havent tried either one of the push ups or situps without the weight vest in awhile, and I work out about 3 or 4 days on, 2 -3 days off.

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    Re: Running and general APFT stuff

    Well in a proper workout regimen, you should run at least 3 miles to increase your run strength for a 2 mile. It will help cut your run time becuase since your shortening the distance you can run it harder.

    Dealing with your upper body you need to do different workouts on different days. Your body will get used to doing the same certain workouts and not improve as much. You can do pushups and situps one day, then a day of rest, then do chest and biceps, then rest, then triceps and shoulders... etc. This will help create muscle confusion and help you gain muscle and strength in a shorter time than if you did the same thing...
    For abs there's an exercise called the EO complaint that I learned in combatives but it's really hard to explain in words. I'm gona try to find it online and if I do i'll post the link for you.. But I do Bicycles and crunches and pull legs up on a chair and do full situps that way to work myself on days I don't do EO complaints...

    Hope this helps!


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      Re: Running and general APFT stuff

      Make sure your not jogging but running. Jogging just covers distance, and running you actually pull your body across the ground. Its good to jog, its great for cardio and burning the calories. Running is faster and more intense. Sometimes I will start running, then catch myself jogging. If I concentrate on form, I tend to do running more than jogging on long runs.

      One thing that helped me was making little changes. I run at a park, on a track around a playground and lake. It can get old and complacent. So I changed the course up. Some ways I did this was run it backwards, not the normal, if you usually run clockwise, try counter clockwise. Sometimes I would run a mile, then run out of the park and down the roads, back to the park for another mile. Work in some Hills. Try sprinting telephone poles, listen to music, not all the time but sometimes. Run different places or times of the day. Maybe even run on a treadmill once a week to get a change of pace (treadmill running is different than road running).

      Also, when I get bored, I incorporate other exercises. I will run a lap, then do 20 pu or su, and keep this. Its not for speed but it works all aspects of the APFT. Just something to think about, this works for me, just keep working at it. And Drink Water!!!


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        Re: Running and general APFT stuff

        A personnel trainer friend of mine, has always told me that you train twice as hard as you would perform. In other words if your trying to improve your 2 mile run then you run for 4 miles. You are already doing this for your sit-ups and push-ups by wearing the weight vest.
        To improve your speed do as Phantom mentioned and try the telephone pole sprints. Sprint the distance between two poles then jog the next, and rerpeat.


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          Re: Running and general APFT stuff

          To cut your 2 mile time, you definitely need to do some speed work (faster 200m runs, 400s and 800s). You need to train your body to run at a faster pace for a short distance, then build up that distance.

          Check out something like this: