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  • Post run question

    After a good run and especially after the 'fun run' at drill I get tightness or a knot in my calf about the middle or lower half near the back.

    The cool down work out and streches don't seem to address this area. Could someone please give me some suggestions on how to speed up the recovery so I will be able to run every day in bct and do all the d&c?

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    Re: Post run question

    Here is the typical Army answer to all of your problems. Stretch more on your own and drink more water.

    You will soon learn that water and stretching will heal everything from headaches to broken legs.


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      Re: Post run question

      If someone had a general issues with their calves, I'd suggest (beyond proper hydration, more running and stretching) low-weight, high-repetition lower body weight training. If you can't get to a gym for seated or standing calf raises, just do them on a step or curb.

      Your specific issue is possibly Achilles tendonitis, however...


      "Treatment of Achilles Tendonitis
      What can the athlete do?

      - Rest and apply cold therapy.
      - Wear a heel pad to raise the heel and take some of the strain off the achilles tendon. This should only be a temporary measure while the achilles tendon is healing.
      - Make sure you have the right running shoes for your foot type and the sport.
      - See a sports injury professional who can advise on treatment and rehabilitation."


      - Gastroc stretch. Lean into wall, keeping affected leg back straight, heel on floor and turned slightly outward. Stretch should be felt in calf.

      - Soleus stretch. Similar to above with affected leg back but knees slightly bent; lean into wall until stretch is felt in lower calf.

      - Achilles tendon stretch. Stand with toes on stair, heels off the edge. Raise up on toes, then down as far as possible. Return to starting position