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  • AIT Workouts

    Got a few question here. Right now, I can "pass" the APFT. I do currently work out daily until I go to WTC. After WTC, I will be going to AIT at Ft Gordon for 25 weeks (94F).
    I WILL go to Jump school following AIT and can go to Air Assault school should I choose to.
    My questions are about fitness at AIT. Keep in mind I will be a Sgt (and 40), and I hear they run things different for prior enlisted than to people right out of boot.
    Can anyone tell me what to expect at AIT, or am I going to have to PT on my own??? I would much rather have it forced in a group than the other. I think it's more productive in a group.

    I want to be in the BEST shape I can be before leaving AIT. Any info/help/ideas are appreciated.

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    Re: AIT Workouts

    It doesnt matter what you do at AIT, if you can pass the APFT for your age group. At Benning for Airborne, you will be graded on the 18-21yr old male age scale, its a NO GO, if you cant pass it. You will have a chance to retest.. 20min later!!! If you dont pass, your only training at Airborne will be less than 1hr. Then you are shipped home.


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      Re: AIT Workouts

      I know all that.....

      I WILL pass it at that level. No doubt in my mind. I have almost 8 months before I show up there. I will probably ace it by then.....

      But.....................what I'm asking ...........

      Can anyone tell me what to expect at AIT (Ft Gordon). am I going to have to PT on my own??? Or do they PT as a class or group???
      I would much rather have it forced in a group than the other. I think it's more productive in a group. Kind of like having a partner at the gym.

      P.s. hope that didn't come out wrong Phantom...not trying to be a dik...hehehe

      Here's a pic from X-mas this year with my weight to lose....just need some of the stamina back....

      I'm in the white shirt.

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        Re: AIT Workouts


        P.s. hope that didn't come out wrong Phantom...not trying to be a dik...hehehe


        Nope you didnt have to try.. Seriously, listen to what I am telling you, the only thing you will be graded on APFT wise at Gordon, is the APFT, at your age group. If you train in a group or on your own, doesnt mean jack. You have to PT on your own. I have seen way too many people come to Airborne, that were in shape. They went home within 48hrs in shape. Ft Gordon is there to teach you a skill, Airborne School, is nicknamed the Run and Fall Down school. Go get your MOS then go Earn your wings. Dont think that a AIT PT program will prep you for Airborne, you have to want it.

        It would kinda suck going to a Airborne unit and not be Airborne Qualified. I want you to suceed, but in a unit like the one your going to, they look for self starters, with people that can work individual and in a group. Good Luck and I wish you the best.


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          Re: AIT Workouts

          I guess we are missing each other here. But, I do hear what you are saying.

          When I was in the Navy (AIT), It was right after boot. We PT'd EVERYDAY, like it or not. Marched to school, chow, etc....

          Now if I went back there today (E-5).....I would have my own room, go to chow on my own, etc....

          Now, I'm assuming then, it will be the later for me. So, the information I needed was that I will NOT be required to PT at ALL at AIT....

          So, I guess my next question will be does anyone have any info on Gordon PT stuff. I'm assuming again they must have PT clubs, etc on base I can get into. Most bases I remember do. Like hooking up with others going to Airborne or other follow on schools after AIT.

          I understand about "self-starter" , etc.....but there is a reason people work out with a partner. Alot of times, a partner can push you more than you can push yourself.

          Boy, all the websites suck as well. I would never know the base even had a gym if I wasn't assuming it does.
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            Re: AIT Workouts

            Went and did a cholesterol pre-screening today. Does anyone know the numbers MEPS uses for cholesterol?? The doctor said my numbers were in the TOP 10% of people my age. She would sign me off in a minute. BUT, that doesn't mean the Army will. It would be nice to know what numbers I need to beat. She said all of mine were below what "her office" considers healthy.



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              Re: AIT Workouts

              I think what phantom is getting at is that you will have to PT on your own regardless of being required to attend morning PT.
              I don't know about Ft. Gordon, but at Sill, our prior service soldiers (E4 and up) PTed on their own. They just had to show up for class. I'm not even positive they took an APFT. You'll probably get plenty of time to work out. You'll have trouble finding a PT buddy, though, as (again, at Sill) the Prior Service were not allowed to associate with IET soldiers. Maybe it's different there, or maybe you can work something out with your platoon sergeant or cadre.
              good luck


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                Re: AIT Workouts

                I'll be heading to Gordon here shortly myself. I've asked several people who've been to AIT there about scheduling, and they all said there will be PT. But since different MOSes go to different battalions, scheduling and PT varied. From what I've gathered is either you'll PT daily or 3 times a week. IET soldiers are on a tighter schedule, but non-IET get their nights and weekends to themselves so it's possible you'll have time later on in your schooling to do PT on your own. Probably not initially.

                Considering your age, and where you're going in your Guard career, I'd try to PT daily. Even if all you can do is pushups and situps in your room.

                Hope this answers your question a little better.


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                  Re: AIT Workouts

                  Thanks.....kind of figured I would be on my own. Let me know when you get there what's up.
                  I PT everyday on my own now, but like I said before, I feel I could benefit more having a partner. Also, keep in mind I have probably 8 months before I show up at Airborne school. I BETTER be in top notch "ace the PT" condition.