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Treadmills... how misleading

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    Re: Treadmills... how misleading

    I have tons of ideas, most of them, I am able to pull off. I have no problem swapping knowledge, I encourage it. Maybe someone is stuck on how to train a subject or how to present it, or forgot it completely. I am here to train soldiers, i dont know everything, nobody does, getting our heads together and getting some good ideas, well, its a good idea.

    Oh, and this is all related to Treadmills, in some fashion, if you dont see it, then you just arent looking hard enough.


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      Re: Treadmills... how misleading

      All of this over treadmills? LOL


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        Re: Treadmills... how misleading

        Originally posted by Phantom
        This is a idea, I have been kicking around for my guys. Go to a 600m Known Distance Range. Starting at the 600m.

        Fire 10rds into a target at 600m
        Run to the 500m
        15 Pushups and 10rounds
        Run to the 400
        15 Pushups and 10rounds (mag change)
        Run to the 300
        1min of Flutter Kicks 10rounds
        Run to the 200
        15 Pushups and 10 rounds
        Run to the 100
        10 Rounds and now Low Crawl to the 0m mark
        at that mark is a 120lb dummy, you have to carry back to the 600m

        Its a Idea I have been thinking about. Demonstrates fitness, along with concentration, and team building. I am thinking about running this in groups of 5pax per, and go by who has the best overall time per group. Time will be added for rounds not on target. Since its a team event, they have to trade the dummy carrying person atleast 3 times.
        For those in the nothern states, look around to see if there are any biathlon ranges. Skiing around the loop and then coming into the range to shoot is quite the challenge. Of course it is only a .22 at 50m (two different sized targets for prone/standing), but still tricky because of your heart rate.

        There are also places that have "summer" biathlon races (running/shooting) for those that don't have the CC ski skills/desire. Good fun.