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Giving Professional Advice on these forums

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  • Giving Professional Advice on these forums

    Main Forum Rules for giving Professional Advice

    1. Any posts that deal with enlistment, retention or Officer commisioned or warrant will be answered by professionals on this forum.

    2. If you are going to post advice on these topics, use your rank on these forums.

    3. You will have a signature that contains some kind of contact information be it AKO or another email service.

    4. In the signature block you should have your MOS's or Specialty field

    RSP NCO: Virginia Army National Guard:1997-Current
    13B, 42A, 79T
    Operation Noble Eagle

    SGT Knopov
    CA ARNG Recruiter
    (562) 964-7635

    Major, Army National Guard

    5. The advice you give is to be at the professional level and to the best of your knowledge correct, researched if unknown, and when appropriate refrences mentioned.

    6. If you are not a RRNCO, RSP, Retention, OSM, ROTC Cadre, now or ever have been, If you give advice you need to mention you are not a recruiter and you can not guarantee the accuracy of your comments.

    All of these forums are for Recruiting and Retention into the Army National Guard. Personal experiences are welcome but make sure it is known that this is JUST your experience, not regulation.

    Incorrect information will be subject to be deleted.
    These rules are being put into place as in the past there has been a influx of information that is misleading soldiers and potential Recruits and parents.

    This will hopefully stop people giving advice without wanting to share who they are, or more importantly stop incorrect advice being given by people that are not trained in these fields.
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