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Just returned from Ft. Eustis...

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  • Just returned from Ft. Eustis...

    ...if anyone has any questions.

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    Re: Just returned from Ft. Eustis...

    Im going there after my basic ends in the first week of september ...

    Do 15U's get classed right away or is there a waiting list
    Did you get to work on any actual birds at any point in time or were they just mock ups
    What is the average day like ...
    How is ATT cellphone signal (if you have att?)
    Thinking about buying a laptop and doing classes online ... is that feasible?



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      Re: Just returned from Ft. Eustis...

      Chinook guys usually get classed right away from what Ive seen because there are so many of you. Im pretty sure you're going to be in F. Co. I hope you like to run because 1SG Thompson does...
      You will get hands on on actual birds, but they are trainers. They are modified actual aircraft. So, some things are simulated or are dummy parts because the real ones are too expensive to replace if a stuent messes up. You'll not know any different though.
      The average day is pretty routine but depends on what shift you are on. There are 3.
      AT&T is mediocre at Eustis. I have it. I also lived in 664 which is a F Co. building because we had too many in Alpha. In my room it was a **** shoot if I had 3G or not. Outside you are fine. Plenty of signal.
      As far as a laptop and classes. Laptop yes, classes no. You're not going to have a consistent enough schedule to get through somethng like that, and the free time you do get you will not want to be tied down taking classes. You are already in school 7-8 hrs a day. PLUS, you would need a mobile hotspot or something because there is no internet there (except for the MWR, library and if your Co. has a cyber cafe).
      If you have any further questions, fire away...


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        Re: Just returned from Ft. Eustis...

        Thanks for the reply

        What did u used to do on your personal time? Are we allowed to get together to play sports?
        Reason why im asking is if on our downtime I was thinking about buying a soccer ball and playing 1v1 or larger games if other people are interested.

        Also my phone has tethering built in so hopefully im in another area of f co. that actually have fairly good service in the room.
        Was going to take an online blackboard class ... thats pretty much forum based so when you get into class during the week you are good.

        Did you hear if people from 15u were saying if classes were hard or easy? Is it pretty much read the manual and do whatever you are told?
        Which state are you located? After finishing up ait, i was hoping to probably do a gig at the airfield up in long island ny if there are slots available.

        Where did you do basic?