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  • 15N - Avionics

    I originally enlisted 11 Feb 2010 and went to BCT at Ft Sill and returned home in June to go to OCS. After 1 phase 0 drill and half of phase 1 I decided to drop out because I did not feel as an 09S I would be qualified to lead people having never followed anyone before. I decided to go enlisted for a few years and re-apply to OCS in about 3 - 4 years.

    I need to pick an MOS now and I am leaning toward an aviation MOS, specifically 15N - Avionics. Can anyone tell me about this MOS? What are the chances to be promoted in this MOS?

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for an MOS? I already know I don't want 11B so please donít suggest that. 31B intrigues me, but being a combat MOS I would have a hard time convincing my family itís a good choice.

    My ASVAB Score was high and my GT score was also high so I qualify for any MOS my state has open.

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    Re: 15N - Avionics

    You sound like you might be a little guilty for not going into a "combat" MOS, but you shouldn't feel guilty at all. I'm a former 11B and I don't think you need to justify why you don't want 11B.

    Infantry is not for everyone, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to do something other than join the Infantry. 11B is a fantastic MOS and I loved it, but avionics techs are also a very important team member with an important mission to accomplish. Without them, air support could not exist. Air support is extremely important to us grunts and I appreciated the help everytime the "birds" showed up.

    I'm actually thinking of going back into the ARNG as a 15G myself, but need to convince the wife and kids that going back into the military is a good idea. Not so much because of time of war, but for the loss of income that we will suffer.

    Anyhow, I wish you good luck in your future career, whatever you decide to do.