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15 g / 15h /15 b /15 q ??????

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  • 15 g / 15h /15 b /15 q ??????

    i would be grate ful if any of ye fellas could clear up me question

    does 15q need clearance ???? can only citizens get into 15q ????

    if so.....

    which ones better of these choices

    15 g - aircraft structural repairer..

    15 h - aircraft pneu...meh can never spell it

    or 15 b - aircraft power plant repairer....

    which of these mos is exciting and has a good prospect in the civilian sector ?

    cheers mates

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    Re: 15 g / 15h /15 b /15 q ??????

    15H, aircraft pneumatics.. that would be a good one i think. personally, im a 15T (uh-60 blackhawk helo repairer)


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      Re: 15 g / 15h /15 b /15 q ??????

      I am a 15G, if you like actualy building/making things with your hands thats the way to go.

      Everything else in aviation you just replace parts.


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        Re: 15 g / 15h /15 b /15 q ??????

        iam leaning towards 15g for the same reason as ye stated....

        but ....which of these is hardest to get into ??? as in its highly competetive