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12Y-Geospatial Engineer- Ft. Belvoir, VA

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  • 12Y-Geospatial Engineer- Ft. Belvoir, VA

    Howdy all, I'm set to ship for BCT in January followed by AIT @ Ft. Belvoir. I'm curious if anyone else has completed AIT for 12Y and could tell me what to expect in the 20 weeks I'll be there. Also, I understand freedom must be gained at AIT. But being that I live in AZ, would it be possible for me to have my wife ship me my laptop and cell phone, since I'll be going to VA right after I leave BCT in South Carolina or are these items still prohibited at AIT?

    edited for additional question: What is the typical day in the life of a 12Y, while drilling or on active duty deployment?
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    Re: 12Y-Geospatial Engineer- Ft. Belvoir, VA

    Probably will be allowed those things at AIT, but not basic.



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      Re: 12Y-Geospatial Engineer- Ft. Belvoir, VA

      Fort Belvoir, woohoo, my duty station.

      You should be able to bring all that stuff. Belvoir in January will be COLD so be prepared but they usually bus you all around. Believe in pistol belts with canteens because that's what they are wearing now a days.

      Belvoir is the host of MANY retired O6's and above to remember to keep your military bearing.


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        Re: 12Y-Geospatial Engineer- Ft. Belvoir, VA

        Won't be at Ft. Belvoir until like April. BCT is at Ft. Jackson, although I'm sure its just as cold. From what I understand there is no down time between BCT and AIT, so I wouldn't have an opportunity to go back home to get my personal affects, I'd have to have them shipped, is this correct?

        Also, I was reading on the U.S. Army site regarding this same MOS, although they have it classified as 21Y, people on their forums were mentioning a 2 week combat refresher course at the end of AIT at Ft. Leonardwood. Is this in addition to my 20 weeks, or is it included or incorrect information? (My wife was hoping to come out to VA at the end of my AIT for a week so we could take a mini vacation, little harder to do if I'm bused to Leonardwood.)