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ait for 12r (interior electrician)

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  • ait for 12r (interior electrician)

    I recently swore in and will be going to basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in November. After that I will be staying there for ait for 12r. Has anyone else been to ait for this mos? What was it like? Any information will be appreciated.

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    Re: ait for 12r (interior electrician)

    Did you mean 21r?

    Basic wasn't bad, but I went in Feb and it was very cold. Since you're going in Nov be ready for some serious cold.
    AIT was a lot different much more relaxed. You'll have more freedom
    Class wasn't that bad, just they put out a lot of info fast in a short time
    Everything was open book though so that helps a lot. And everything you do on the final 52 hour test you did in class so pay attention and good luck


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      Re: ait for 12r (interior electrician)

      Thanks so much. I wasnt sure if it was 12 or 21r. My recruiter told me he thought it changed. How hard was the material? How often did you get your phone? I know it differs depending on ds, but how was it with you? I'm not expecting to get mine very often, but i have 3 kids and a wife so i'm hopeing to get it some. Thanks again for the info.


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        Re: ait for 12r (interior electrician)

        It probably did. I'm seeing it as 12r more it was 21r a few months ago.
        The material isn't too bad. If you're a hands on person, it'll be pretty easy, and all the tests are open book.
        Generally, you get about three hours a night in free time and you can use your phone, computer, etc.


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          Re: ait for 12r (interior electrician)

          The actual AIT training for 12R is excellent. Nice, short course full of information, and you will learn it quickly. However, the barracks for 12R at Fort Leonardwood are aweful. Most of your basic training buddies will be living in dorm room style barracks. Not you. You will be buffing 70 year old floors that will never get clean and waking up way to early. But you will have some nice privledges on the weekends.