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Birth control and basic training questions

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  • Birth control and basic training questions

    I am a new recruit . I have done all of my paperwork,I go to do my ASVAB on Monday and MEPS maybe a week after that. But my recruiter is a guy and I have questions that I did not think he could answer lol.
    1. I have the birth control Implanon in my left arm. When I go to MEPS, will it disqualify me?
    2. Implanon last three years. This is my last year before it expires in late November or early December. I may be in basic by then. Can they remove it there? If so, will I have to go through any processes for it to be done or pay anything? Should I just have it removed before basic?
    3. I absolutely have NO IDEA about what all I'm allowed to take to basic training! I have looked it up and researched it like crazy but still have no clue. What's the best thing to do?
    Sorry for all these questions. Like I said, my recruiter gave me all the basic stuff but I had these questions that I didn't think he'd know the answers to. Thanks!

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    Re: Birth control and basic training questions

    Don't assume. Assumption in the military will get you in some rough spots, and you will pay for it in IET as well as once you get to your unit.

    I don't know the answer personally either, but perhaps one of the recruiters will chime in. However, my educated guess is get that taken out and get your hormones squared away before you ship out. The last thing you want is to miss training or possibly get recycled for something you could have taken care of before you left.


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      Re: Birth control and basic training questions



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        Re: Birth control and basic training questions

        Great job asking questions and getting yourself ready for your pending service to your country. Like Zero259 said: "Don't assume." But... bad specific advice.

        1. Don't withdraw from long-term Birth Control based on: "Getting your hormones squared away." before Basic Combat Training. That's sexist thinking. Birth Control is used for many on-going reasons. Hormones, and menstruation, are normal elements of women’s' health.

        2. Don't assume your recruiter has not heard your question before. Recruiters are trained to address the needs of both men AND women joining the Army. Standard BC is not disqualifying at MEPS.

        3. Don't rely on medical advice from a forum. Ask your current medical provider (who prescribed your BC?) or get your recruiter to address your questions via medical channels.

        4. Once on active duty (BCT), during in-processing or at sick-call, talk with a medical provider and get an appointment for updated BC. It should be simple and private.

        5. Above all, don't stop being a woman when you join the Army -- It's a fantastic opportunity to learn all you can and start also becoming a Solider!


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          Re: Birth control and basic training questions

          There are a lot of posts on this forum as to what you can and cannot take. Below is just a simple list, but search around these forums, there is a lot of great advice and it shouldn't be too hard to find.

          - A change of clothes
          - toiletries and personal hygiene (basics like tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, etc)
          - Envelopes, Stamps and writing material (if you can pre-address envelopes and stamp them that will save you a little time)
          - Personal documents such as Birth certificates, marriage licenses, rental agreements..etc
          - Reading material (used for waiting at MEPS, flights, etc)
          - Cell Phone (for use while traveling and MAYBE during BCT, but most of the time this gets taken till graduation)

          Don't take
          - Lots of electronics
          - Any Army gear already given to you. You will be issued new stuff at BCT (exception, is a back pack. Many get these from recruiters and they can be used for traveling to and from BCT)
          - Tobacco products
          - knives
          - Weapons

          You can find a more complete list here.


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            I have a question concerning birth control during basic. I'm not on any birth control but I want to be during my 6 months training. Do they offer shots or pills there at basic or do I have to be on them before I arrive?


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              Birth Control Pills are allowed at BCT if you already have a prescription for them. You should take a 3-mos supply with you (reception plus BCT I was there 12 weeks). If you insurance only allows you 1 packet at a time, many doctors will give you a couple months of sample packs from their office to get you by. As for AIT, I am not sure... It is more relaxed that BCT so perhaps you can take your prescription with you and simply get it filled at the pharmacy when you have down-time.

              I do not think attempting to get 'put on' birth control while at training is going to be either have a prescription already and you take it to keep your cycle in synch or you don't. It is assumed you are not utilizing it for the 'other' reason. Talk to your recruiter, it's likely been asked before.


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                Well I've never been on it. There are plenty of times I can't do the simplest of tasks from pain and other things. I take way more pain pills then I ever should just to get moving. I do to want to deal with all that when in at basic so I just wanted to know if they offer it to you there or if I need to go get my own rx.

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              Birth control pills are not something they 'offer' at BCT, you would need your own prescription before you go so you can take it with you.


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                Thank you for the Information.