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New Army Combat Uniform?

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  • New Army Combat Uniform?

    Besides the multi-cam that is the new camo for Afghanistan, has anyone heard about this? I heard there will be an article on it in the next Army Times.

    Army Launches Program to Field New Camo

    December 14, 2010|by Christian Lowe

    Less than five years after the Army fully outfitted Soldiers with uniforms printed in what it claimed was a single camouflage scheme suitable to all environments, the service launched a new search for a "family" of camo patterns that will help hide troops in deserts, forests and the places in between.
    During a meeting with civilian companies interested in pitching their designs Dec. 9, officials from the Program Executive Office Soldier explained that recent tests showed the Army's so-called "universal camouflage pattern" fell "significantly" short of keeping Soldiers hidden compared to other patterns.
    "We're looking for a family of patterns because that seems to make the most sense," said Col. Bill Cole, the top uniform buyer for the Army. "But if someone comes to us with a universal pattern that can meet the requirements, we'll go with it."
    The search for a new camouflage scheme comes on the heels of a recent revamp of Army camo worn by troops in Afghanistan
    Check out's Uniforms and Insignia Guide.
    In February, the Army announced it would field uniforms and issued kit in the so-called "MultiCam" pattern to all Soldiers deploying to Afghanistan or those with more than six months left on their deployment. Officials realized the current UCP made Soldiers stand out against the varied backgrounds of Afghanistan, which can include wooded forests, rocky outcroppings and scrubby deserts -- all in the same patrol.

    "The [MultiCam] allows the Soldiers to get far closer to potential enemies before being observed," said Command Sergeant Major of the Army Kenneth Preston in August. "I believe [Soldiers] are safer" wearing the MultiCam.
    But now the Army brass is prepared to abandon the current pattern in favor of three different uniforms designed for more specific environments. The service wants to see one pattern for wear in woodland or jungle environments, one pattern for desert and arid environments and a so-called "transitional" pattern that could be worn across all environments if needed.
    Officials also want a fourth pattern that blends with all three patterns and can be printed on gear such as body armor, magazine pouches and hydration systems so that the service doesn't have to buy the more expensive organizational clothing and individual equipment more than once.
    "It is difficult and expensive to manufacture the OCIE," Cole said. "Trousers and jackets are cheaper and they wear out quicker."
    Three companies will be selected next summer to compete against two Army-designed camo patterns that will be compared to patterns already in use, including the Navy's AOR-1 and AOR-2, MultiCam and the Marine Corps' woodland and desert camo, officials say.
    The Army plans to conduct field tests on the various patterns in a wide range of environments through the spring of 2012 with an eventual award to one camo pattern "family" in November 2012.
    It is unclear how the Army would field the three uniforms for a deployment such as Afghanistan. Cole speculated that Joes could be issued the transitional pattern to wear on day-to-day missions and have sets of the desert or woodland-patterned duds for times when missions or the environment dictate.
    "I do not want to predict yet what the answer would be," Cole said. "I can tell you that we would not issue all three patterns to troops in training on a regular basis just because of the cost implications involved."
    The program to outfit over one million active, reserve and National Guard Soldiers with new camo uniforms could cost billions and it is unclear whether the Army will fund such an expense when a winner is chosen in late 2012.
    But whichever family of patterns wins, officials argue they'll do everything they can to keep the decision as objective as possible.
    "This is not a fashion statement. It's based on performance and operational requirements," said Tim O'Neil, a camouflage expert and consultant to the Army program. "This will not be about how cool the new camouflage looks."

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    Re: New Army Combat Uniform?

    They had an article about this is the army times before too. Said something about Obama and his administration talking to the army about the uniforms after getting wind of soldiers saying that the uniforms don't work well. I don't remember when it was though. But yea, I could see this coming. I just wish we get rid of the velcro. I currently wear the Flight medic pants sometimes just to have access to the zippers!


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      Re: New Army Combat Uniform?

      Multicam reminds me of the old poplin camouflage


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        Re: New Army Combat Uniform?

        The new uniforms we just got issued have button down side and rear pockets for the trousers. same old velcro on the tops though.