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My MEPS Experience

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  • My MEPS Experience

    Hello! I've recently returned from MEPS and after hearing all the horror stories from the forums, the warnings of my recruiters, and wise-tales and half-exaggerations from my friends who have done this all before, I'd say it was a pretty easy experience.

    Sept 28, 2010
    I had just gotten off work at 0600 and my drive home takes an hour and a half. So, by 0800 I was in my house preparing my bag, eating a breakfast and what not as I had to be to the armory by 1230.

    I got to MEPS, checked my bag, took my ASVAB, pretty simple day. (scored an 88 with all line scores 120+ yay!)

    Sept 29, 2010
    Woke up at 0345 after a rather boring night at the hotel, I roomed with a cool guy who was going for the Navy. Ate breakfast and the bus left for MEPs at 0525 sharp.

    Medical was a piece of cake considering I had my projected kicked back twice for an issue with me having no medical records. It was probably the no medical records coupled with the un-decended testicle. Only proof I had that it was removed was a 8cm scar and my Mother's statement.

    I was sworn in at 1330 that day.

    Guess the reason I'm writing this is to encourage anyone who has had their projected kicked back or had horror stories of MEPS told to them. MEPS is easy as long as you do exactly what you're told to do and follow instructions. It was basically standing/sitting and waiting, or walking somewhere to stand/sit and wait your turn. It's not really that hard.

    I have heard that the group I went with was one of the smaller ones, so maybe thats why it only took me a little under seven hours to get sworn in from start to finish.

    Just remember that anything you set your mind on will happen if you focus on it and try... (and you're qualified to do it!)

    I originally was trying to get 15W as my MOS... all slots were full, so I settled on 15Q. However, I was medically DQ'd from 15Q for my eyes, need to be a 1 and I was a 2.

    So for giggles - I ask the counselor about 15W. He finds me one slot open and gets me in it. I'm super excited for this opportunity that fell into my lap and can't wait to get this train-a-rollin and learn what I believe to be a strong future for both the military and myself in a civilian job.

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    Re: My MEPS Experience

    heh. not a big deal to me - it's been with me since i was born and it's never hindered me in any way and it's nothing to be embarrassed about - not like i CHOSE to be born this way Chaplain!

    I guess i included that tid-bit of info because I came here after I had my projected kicked back to do a search on the issue - i wanted to have it documented here for any future recruit to be able to read and so they don't get discouraged in anyway about their and my condition.


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      Re: My MEPS Experience

      Respect. Nicely done.