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State OCS vs. Accelerated OCS

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    Re: State OCS vs. Accelerated OCS

    Originally posted by cyall
    You are getting travel pay now because Alabama isn't attaching you to your RTI, so your OCS drills aren't home station. Thus, you get travel reimbursement. The Friday thing is because OCS drills are really MUTA-5s. It worked the same for my OCS orientation in Mississippi.

    As for being advanced to E-6 for phase one. It didn't happen for me last summer at Ft McClellan. Is it new, and how can AL advance anybody's pay grade from another state if they aren't paying the soldier?
    Negative LT. I've been attached since Dec of 09. In fact it was exactly the opposite. Because I started in Oct and did not pass the PT test they waited until I did to attach me. The drill I got attached is the drill I got travel pay.

    As far as the drills being MUTA 5's. Again, negative. Friday is AD pay.
    Thats why my check has the following:
    Basic Pay: $116.15
    Subsistence: $10.80
    BAH: $29.80

    Under the Remarks Section:
    Active Duty for Training: (and the date I trained)

    As far as E-6 it was that way for ever as far as I can tell. Then for about a year (which was apparently during your window) it went back to being E-5. Late last year it went back to E-6. The winter acc guys from all states were told they would be E-6 unless they were already higher ranked. I sat in another one of those briefings again yesterday as well.

    But this is all window dressing. My original post in response to the guy who said it was more money to make 2LT quicker, I'm just showing that is not always the case.


    PS Do you know 2LT (to be) Tullos or 2LT Cook? Two dang fine soldiers from MS. Also I talked to Myers and Marshall from MS yesterday, they are feeling the **** today day 1 phase 1. Two great guys.



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      Re: State OCS vs. Accelerated OCS

      Well good for you. I'm glad some of that changed. MS found other ways to save money at our expense. They actually put the accelerated guys on AT orders for phase one and then switched us to AD orders for the remaining six weeks. Do you know how they are paying you for travel for to home station? I would like to know that trick.

      I do know Cook. We took the TQC together. I think I met the others at one of their orientation drills. Day one phase one. The start of the longest weekend of my life. The first three days took longer than the rest of the eight weeks.


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        Re: State OCS vs. Accelerated OCS

        You have to come on that Friday active duty day to get the travel pay. If, for some reason you only show up for the Sat/Sun MUTA you do not get travel pay. So yeah, it is kinda strange, but I'm glad Alabama does it like that!

        Cook was a really nice guy. He'll make a great 2LT/Officer. Mississippi guys I've seen go through two phase 0 land nav orientations (winter 10 and summer 10) at Alabama were sharp and bring a lot to the table!



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          Re: State OCS vs. Accelerated OCS

          Originally posted by cyall
          Do you know how they are paying you for travel for to home station? I would like to know that trick.
          They're getting either a 1 day AT or ADT order and that's how they're paying the travel.

          scjohnny, there are several different ways of funding that equals 1 day of active duty and travel be paid. Enjoy it now as you won't get it at your unit.