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Enlisted to Officer Retirement

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  • Enlisted to Officer Retirement

    When I finally get my **** together and get my *** back in school and finish, does the time I spent as an enlisted man earn my points towards retirement as a officer? Also, how do you view retirement points? Finally, how many years does it take to get retirment in the guard, and what percentage and what amount is it based on. Im trying to calculate if its even worth staying guard for the stability, or going active and sucking ulp the moving around so that i can actually earn some retirement.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Enlisted to Officer Retirement

    1. Time is time. All your enlisted years and points apply towards a retirement at any pay grade.
    2. Every year, you should get a copy of your RPAM statement, listing in excruciating detail all your active and inactive points. Scrub this carefully, save that document, and correct errors immediately.
    3. Estimate reserve retirement pay at this link.
    4. Be advised that a reserve retirement pays at age 60, or slightly earlier based on a variety of factors for which I'm just too tired to get into. Whether it's age 60 or age 59, it's not enough of a difference to change your life's plans.
    5. Reserve retirement is based on years of service, retirement points, and grade at retirement. It is common for two people with the same years of service and same retirement grade get very different retirement checks.
    6. While an active component retirement almost always pays more than a reserve component retirement, that should not be the only factor driving your career decisions. Do what makes sense for you, serve where you are best capable. You'll be fine.


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      Re: Enlisted to Officer Retirement

      Understandable that you want to plan for the future, but, in my opinion, you should really focus on being a soldier. Get those schools, focus on becoming an asset for the unit (yes, Im in your company.) With our impending return, this is gonna be a good time to shine and see how you fit in with the rest of the team. GOod luck.


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        Re: Enlisted to Officer Retirement

        Being a good soldier should be on the top of your list, but it's never too early to start thinking about retirement.

        Yes your enlisted time counts. You need 10 years on the officer side to retire as an officer. There are some limiters on how long you can serve, so it's better to get into the officer ranks as soon as you're able & start that progression. You are SUPPOSED to get a copy of your RPAM every year, but that never happened at my unit. You can ask your readiness NCO & they'll print it for you.

        So active versus guard... your can go active for 20 years, retire at whatever percentage that is, then get another job and work there 15-20 years to collect an additional check (probably a 401K).

        Or.. you can stay in the guard 20-30 years & get a retirement at 60. Simultaneously, you can be building a civilian retirement. You can bump out of there at 20-30. So basically, you could retire with two retirements at the same point you'd be retiring from active duty, or you can keep that going for 30 & have two full-retirements (which you would otherwise work till 80 to get). How strong those two retirements are is up to you. You certainly can make them very very strong. I know techs on this formula, plus TSP, that will retire making the same thing they make now.
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          Re: Enlisted to Officer Retirement

          dnall, question. could someone do this:

          1. enlist at 18, go Activefirst for three years, then go to college for four, stay in guard, go ROTC, go AD for four years, go Guard while getting an MBA, then get a civilian job.

          2. After about 10 years or so of civilian life and M-Day officer, get a job as Federal technician. still in Guard, probably an O-4 or O-5 by this time, probably around age 42. (would have 17 years as an officer)

          3. Serve 20 years as federal technician, but then retire from the guard somewhere along the way, probably as an O-5 or O-6.

          I guess the problem in that situation would be that some federal jobs require the person to be in the guard, so when the person got ready to retire from the guard he/she would have to quit the federal job?

          This plan would allow the person to get themselves 10 solid years in the business world, make as much money as they can while they are in their 30s, running their own business or working for somebody in the civilian world. Could rack up quite a bit of 401k money.

          Then they could still have two pretty good retirements, the Guard retirement and the Federal technician retirement.


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            Re: Enlisted to Officer Retirement

            sound like my career path except the active first and 18 (20) part. I only have two years of college left and plan to go active 4 years once I commission. Then work for the VA and do Guard.