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  • IST with flag

    Any IST experts here,

    Long story short. Got hurt in Iraq, came back to unit failed pt test due to injury. went to va, back has crushed disk and some other things. got put on deadmans profile. This triggered MMRB but that is on hold until the VA is done with me. last exam was in Jan 2010, still waiting for increase in disability.

    Now my wife got accepted to graduate school in NY, has been there for about a year. I cant keep paying rent x 2. my lease is up May 31st as is hers.

    I have 18 yrs in and will not take a med sep with severance. Anyway, my unit said i can suta in NY and they FL will pay me but there is a limit on the number of sutas. They also said I cant IST due to the flag but I cant do anything to remove the flag.

    So what can I do?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: IST with flag

    Your basically stuck. The only thing that can really stop people from doing an IST is having a flag and unfortunately thats where your at.


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      Re: IST with flag

      scratch off IST but I'd sub lease the place, but a lot of work / factor in that to get it going setup. Keep in mind you can't go out there to fix any problems being as it is so far away.


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        Re: IST with flag

        So is there a limit on the sutas? I am hearing yes and no from different people. My unit has no problem with me suta-ing up there for accountability purposes (FL pays me). They were saying there is a limit and they were not sure what that limit is.

        I just cant see them basically forcing me into money problems and being separated from my wife.


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          Re: IST with flag

          Since you have more than 15 years, you should really reconsider a medical retirement. In my state, after the MMRB you would then go to FFD/MEB/PEB. The process is long, but at least it shows you are cooperating. With an injury and a flag, you are essentially doing a disservice to yourself by trying to hang on. Unfortunately, you got injured, but you did your time. You should be really proud of that.


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            Re: IST with flag

            When I first got checked out by the VA, they awarded me 10% for a lumbar strain. After I failed the PT test, I went back and they did more tests and found the crushed disc and nerve root problems. Basically, I need a lumbar fusion. That is when I filed for an increase.

            30% disability is what ,I was told, is needed for even the possibility of a Med Retirement. So, with the 10%, I thought my only option was med seperation with severance (nothing more). 18 yrs, I am not going out like that.

            If I was offered Med retirement, I would take that. crazy not too.

            Thanks for your help

            P.S. QuantumRN, if the process is long, what do I do in the meantime (drilling wise)? Again, I cant stay in FL while my wife is in NY.
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              Re: IST with flag

              First, make sure you have your LOD for your injury completed. If you don't have one, you can re-create it with the help of your unit. Make sure you have a profile to prevent further injury. If you have already been to a board, your next step is FFD/MEB/PEB. Those boards will determine if you are fit for duty and how much of a lump sum + monthly you are entitled to since your injury is service related. The process can take over a year, so you must drill within your profile during that time. Unfortunately, IST is not an option.