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Anyone doing the ROTC Simultaneous Membership Program?

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    Re: Anyone doing the ROTC Simultaneous Membership Program?

    and how about one more. A SLRP option. college senior in a tight market, limited job prospects has student loans, let's say 40k. Enlist in guard, go to basic followed by AIT, gets the SLRP, so he/she knows approx. 36k will be paid by Uncle Sam over a period of six years.(15% X 6 years = 90%) Senior is 21-22 when joining.

    Six years later last student loan payment is made by Uncle Sam, soldier is 27-28 years old, decides to go to grad school, because he/she wants a better job, loans are now paid off, assuming soldier paid the remaining 10%,

    Go ROTC/SMP in grad school, gets paid E-5 over 6 for drills, that 1330 is more like 1400-1500.

    receives commission and Master's at age 29-30, and a nice upgrade in full-time job, in best shape of his/her life.

    edit, somebody proof this SLRP to make sure I'm correct about 15% paid each year. thanks
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