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Leave pay after AIT question...

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  • Leave pay after AIT question...

    I received my last active duty paycheck from Ait on the 1st. I was told I would be getting paid for my leave days after my last AD check. I looked at my LES yesterday and it has another payment of 128 dollars coming on the 8th. But that is after a Debt deduction of 600+ dollars. It doesn't tell me why or what its being deducted for. At the bottom it just said something about leave days paid ect ect. Who should I contact about this or is it something they always do or do they just take back lv days since im guard...

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    Re: Leave pay after AIT question...

    It normally lists all 'debt' payments down at the bottom. Sometimes magical things are taken out (I mean not listed, they were supposed to be taken out) but debts have verbage on the bottom. Does your most current one before that list anything on it for a debt? If you have kept all stubs then you could also look for payments that add up to that amount deducted this time... ? Maybe a clothing allowance that wasnt supposed to be given or clothing plus laundry?


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      Re: Leave pay after AIT question...

      It took mine about 8 weeks to process, but when it showed up, I was like wooooaaaaa.........