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SLRP Question..I know that again

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  • SLRP Question..I know that again


    I am a 26 y/o male. I am currently a police officer and would like to join the military. I am leaning towards the Army National Guard (enlisted) or Active OCS. My motivation other then wanting to serve my country is to take advantage of the student loan repayment program. I currently have over 40k in student loans.

    I have two questions:

    1.) If I do enlist in the National Guard, what is the maximum allotment I will be granted for my student loans? I understand the amount has been increased to 50k. However, what are the criteria for being awarded that amount, other than being enlisted for one year etc and in an over/under strength unit. The reason why I am asking is that I would like to get these loans paid and I would like to enlist as an MP. I know it depends on unit strength however, I wasn’t sure if my recruiter could possibly pull some strings.

    2.) For OCS, the SLRP covers all student loans whether they originated from a private bank, such as Sally Mae or a federal loan etc. As long as you have a promissory note and that it is classified as a student loan, it will be paid under SLRP 33% per year over the course of a 3 year enlistment. I read on here, that only federally supplied loans will be covered under SLPR. How is this possible? A majority of my student loans are from private lenders.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    Re: SLRP Question..I know that again

    1. The loans have to be in good standing, and through a federal lender. It does not cover any accrued interest, and if the loans go into default at any time you can lose the benefit. 50k is the max.

    2. I know several people who are going through OCS and were promised SLRP, then denied because its not intended for officers or OCS Candidates. It is a benefit for least that's the answer these folks have been given. My advice would be to contact your states incentive office. Each state seems to vary a little in how they work with SLRP.

    BTW, should you decide to enlist....make sure your recruiter requests a master control number with your SLRP. Mine did not, and now the state has chosen to deny me this benefit, even though I have it in my contract and on my DD214.


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      Re: SLRP Question..I know that again

      Grotto05 needs to fix the issue he has. There are options that you can take to correct the error in your contract. Your contract had errors so request to be discharged and do a same day reenlistment with a corrected contract. Simple and no more tears. Best of luck troop. You got this.