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FTA screwed me bigtime, please help

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  • FTA screwed me bigtime, please help

    I applied for FTA, and they took too long to process it and it went past my due date for the payments... I had setup with FAFSA and school's financial aid to get some money from there to pay my bills...

    well because the FTA took too long (still 'under review') the financial aid automatically took the slack and covered my past due classes before I was dropped from all of them... now all my money that I was supposed to put towards my bills paid for my school...

    What do I do now? I'm going to talk to the school to see if they can refund me that money if FTA does pay it within a week or two, but it looks like i'm screwed

    I'm assuming nobody in the education dept will send me a check for what I had to pay for school? It's for the police academy and it was 3380.14. They will only pay the school correct? because as of now, I no longer owe the school anything since effin FTA took too **** long

    what do I do? I have no way of paying my bills now

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    Re: FTA screwed me bigtime, please help

    1. Sounds like a breakdown of communication between you and the school. You should have spooken with the school and explained your situation.

    2. FTA is a benifit with limited resources. One possible reason they haven't approved it is they are out of money, which happens this time of year. I went throught the exact samething last year. My ESO was very upfront, it even says it when you apply, that you MUST have other means to pay for your education.

    3. I would speak with your financial aid office and ask them if they can credit the money back to your account because the money will probably come.

    4. The Positive: is that Enlisted soldiers are near the top of the list of priority when receiving FTA.

    5. You should see if there is any other assistance National Guard Benifit for you through your ESO. In some states national guard soldiers go to school for free.

    6. You could see if they could put you on temporary orders.

    7. You could get oncampus job, possibly.

    8. You could always take out a small private loan.


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      Re: FTA screwed me bigtime, please help

      wouldn't blame FTA but only 33%, 33% school, and 33% you. You can divi up the .33333333333333333333%. It ***** when going to school but like above posted, it's just communication was not here. TRUST ME, I have had similiar issues when I began schooling and getting the guard involved to help pay.


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        Re: FTA screwed me bigtime, please help

        If FTA pays the school you will then have a credit at the school and can request the payment be sent to you. That is what happens at my son's university if the FTA pays later than the financial aid kicks in.